Sporty hair.

Posted in News on August 9th, 2011 by Reagan

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My go-to hair style for running/exercising is definitely a mermaid braid and a pony tail. The mermaid braid keeps my fringe out of my face and looks cute so I only feel red faced, sweaty and smelly instead of adding ugly haired to that too. I have some great stretchy headbands from Aasics that work great too, but I always prefer the mermaid braid.
Jake took this photo of me during a 5 mile race in central park last Saturday. It was at 9 am and it was H O T hot.

I also snapped this photo with my phone when we were walking to the starting line. Can you believe this is in the middle of the city? So beautiful! (Not too far in from the 102nd street entrance on the west side.)

8 Responses to “Sporty hair.”

  1. Jen Says:

    I call that spot of CP the enchanted place, it’s one of my favorite spots :)

  2. Allison W Says:

    I am going to watch the tutorial again and practice. My hair always looks gross when I workout!

  3. Kelley Says:

    I’ve been loving “mermaid braid” for a while (though I usually call it my “hippie braid” lol) but I never thought to use it to jazz up work-out hair until your post. I used it today when I went to the water park with the kids I nanny, and it worked AWESOME. It kept my hair up and out of my face the entire day without ever feeling like gross pool-hair. Plus I have a purple streak in my hair, which looked really cool all braided in. I think all the other kids at the park were totes jealous that I wasn’t their cool nanny ;-)

  4. z Says:

    mermaid braid and a pony tail is definitely my go to hair do! i am now known for it on my team and end up doing all their hair the same way : ). it is definitely the best hair do for working out

  5. Suzi Says:

    You inspire me on so many levels. Is that creepy? Whatever, you rock.

  6. Sapatos Timberland Says:

    QNão se entediado em casa, fora no fim do herói escritório, é melhor começar a encarnação Guardião da Terra, abraçar a natureza ela!

  7. William V. Dickey Says:

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  8. Joann Howell Says:

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