The Pixie: haircut of courage.

Posted in News on August 2nd, 2011 by Reagan

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I feel like the highlight of my hair’s life/career will be the day I get a pixie cut. I have always wanted one. I mean, ever since I’ve been in my 20s I’ve wanted one. I never really thought about it before then. I don’t know what is stopping me really. I am pretty proud of my hair-guts, and I’m not really afraid to try new things….but the pixie, at this point it’s almost the untouchable. What if it’s not as exciting as I’ve always thought it will be? What if I like it for only a month?

I know I’ll have a pixie one day, but it has to be the right time. So, for now I’ll look longingly at the pixie hair of my fancy. The girls with all the hair courage.

Carrie Mulligan

Michelle Williams

Sienna Miller

Agyness Deyn (she comes into my salon. Her platinum pixie is cuter than you can imagine)

My mom. Photo of a photo from the late 1950s, she’s the cutie on the left. My mom is actually an inspiration to me in a lot of hairy ways. I’ve had a client for 3 years that gets my mom’s shaggy early 70s cut.

So. I vow right here on Hairdresser On Fire, that one day I will get a pixie. I will not be afraid forever. I will have one.

It just might be two or three or four years.

PS Something about a pixie screams for a drastic hair color, right?

29 Responses to “The Pixie: haircut of courage.”

  1. Sarah Says:

    My cute and brave 18-year-old niece just went from a lion’s mane of caramel-blonde hair, to a dark and sophisticated pixie. She completely pulls it off. You will, too, I’m sure.

  2. Magalie Says:

    And Emma Watson, she is also very cute with short hairs. And Audrey Tautou? I do not have the face for Pixie’s hair but it could be so fresh and adorable on girly faces. Hope to see you with this new cute soon ;)

  3. amber Says:

    My office manager has a pixie cut and it is SO PERFECT for her, especially when she wears it with dangly earrings….

  4. Amanda Says:

    I had a pixie cut in my 20′s….I’m not sure I’d go back to that, but I’d just like the guts to go short(er) now!
    I sobbed when my hairdresser cut it. She was pretty upset and anxious, but I told her that I loved it. I did! It was just shock! But it was so fun to color….although it was a lot more work than having long hair, for sure. Growing it out was a bear.

    I love a good pixie cut!

  5. ash Says:

    After my daughter was born and I turned 30 I cut 12 inches off for my first pixie…best idea ever. I love it because she can’t pull my hair anymore and I feel a new sophistication and sexiness now that I’m getting “older.” Of course you’ll look fantastic. You demonstrate better than anyone my favorite thing about hair: that it’s just hair and it will always grow back–so you might as well have fun with it!

  6. Caitlin Says:

    I’ve been thinking about a pixie a lot lately! Something about them.. I don’t know.. they just look so cute and fun. I have a really short bob right now, but I’m still scared to make that plunge and go for the pixie. But I love seeing women that can rock it.. I think Michelle Williams’ is my favorite!

  7. Laura Says:

    Ugh, I adore Carey Mulligan’s hair in that picture and I’m kind of obsessed with Emma Watson right now, but I could never pull off a pixie with my face shape. You can totally rock anything though, so you should do it! If only so I can live vicariously. ;)

  8. michelle Says:

    If anyone can pull it off, its you! You would look so adorable.

    I love a good pixie. I’ve had super short hair multiple times, and it is so liberating to chop it all off. I’m loving my bob right now, but I know for sure that someday I will have a pixie again.

  9. Amy Jo Says:

    Emma watson is my hero!

  10. jessica Says:

    Oh Reagan, the pixie would be so darling on you! I think you should just go for it!

  11. MelanieBaker Says:

    I want one too! But I’m so scared. Maybe someday….Michelle Williams is adorable!

  12. Lindsay Says:

    I love your blog! You are inspiring–that’s coming from a fellow Hairdresser, as well. (I actually trained under Ramie at Carsten’s in Phoenix long ago.) Anyway, I got the famous “pixie” cut when I was going into my senior year of high school. It was so bold of me and I couldn’t hide under my locks…it was empowering and I had fun with it. Nowadays, it’s long, wavy and just a mane–like Sarah Jessica Parker’s. I say do a Pixie when you are ready–it’s a huge change! Lol.

  13. Candi Says:

    I think you would look awesome with a pixie!! You would totally rock that look! BTW.. your bangs have inspired me… I am getting them cut tomorrow. I hope they turn out cute like yours!

  14. Jessica Says:

    I don’t think that I could ever do a pixie; my face is too round for it. But I do want to go really short sometime. I love Kirsten Storms’ above the shoulder cut.

  15. amanda Says:

    Reagan, just doooo it! If you can do the pink, you can do the pixie. I cut mine super short at the beginning of the summer and I absolutely love it. I don’t think I’m going to keep it short forever, but there is so much freedom in always having hair out of your face. I’m glad you included Michelle Williams in your lineup; she is my hair icon. Her hair is a perfect balance of a short length with soft, long front layers.

  16. Aubrey Says:

    I had a bright red pixie cut in college. I’m waiting to have one again until I have no other choice. (You know, when I have long glamorous silver hair and my grandkids tell me I look weird and I should cut it.)

  17. angela Says:

    i totally rocked the pixie when i was a junior and senior in high school, after seeing a photo in seventeen magazine. oh, and i chose ‘rocket fire red’ by redken as the hue. looking back, it was maroon. my cheeks were too chubby and my hair was too thick, but it still loved it!

  18. Barbara Says:

    I love these cuts. I got one years ago the night before my wedding. Yep. Long and straight to pixie, and with a new stylist to boot! I have no idea now what I was thinking at the time. Fortunately it rocked! I have a question though – when my hair is short it’s curly, and the longer it gets the more the curl goes, and even with a wand or hot rollers I can’t for the life of me get curl to stay in.

    Why is it some hair holds curl so easily and some doesn’t hold it at all?

    BTW – you’d rock a pixie!

  19. jeannie Says:

    I’ve done the pixie a few times and have loved it. Now, I think it’s too severe a look for me and that I’m better with hair framing my face. However I adore pixies on the right face and I think I love Emma Watson and Michelle Williams the most, at this point. Let’s not forget about Halle Berry. She looks best in a pixie; when her hair was long I just knew that sooner or later she’d return to the pixie. It’s her best look. Emma Watson’s cut is freaking awesome! What a beauty. I think you could carry it off for sure.

    I had a bleached blond pixie (yuck, now) and I also went brunette, dark, when I had a pixie. I know what you mean about wanting it to go a different color when you do. I think it’s best to maintain it within a semblance of one’s natural color and amp it with highlights or something. Love Emma W’s color too. She looks great.

  20. Maura Says:

    I have a pixie right now and I wish I didn’t. It looks fabulous, but I am just a long hair girl. If you don’t mind not having hair to play with, then by all means get a pixie!
    Mine’s bright red:)

  21. jeannie Says:

    I’m back to say, “Get it pixied, asap!” I can’t wait to see it on you. It will transform your look (not that you need transforming). I just think it will look so great on you. Can’t wait! You have the face and neck for that cut :-)

  22. Becky Says:

    Get a pixie! Mine has never been that short, but I am natorious for cutting off my long hair. Just gave my long locks the boot for a cute short cut. It is sooo liberating! Shows the world I am more than a little brave. Besides, it is just hair. Mine has never failed to grow! ;)

  23. Sarah H Says:

    I don’t really have the face for a pixie, but I had one anyway and I loved it! So much sass! You’re pretty sassy already, though, I don’t know if you can handle double sass!

  24. Lauren Says:

    I did it back in April. Sort of by accident;) I work at an Aveda Institute in Charlotte, NC, and the students were having a cutting competition, and I was a model and just told them to do whatever they wanted/needed to do. Two hours later, my past shoulder hair was pixie short. I pretended like I was okay with it, but I had some freak out moments over the next few weeks.

    But, overall I lovvvvve it. And now that it’s growing out (sort of like Sienna Miller’s cut above), I’m liking it even more. I can do a tiny (tiiiiny) ponytail in the back now, which I find to be sassy and fun. And my hair is platinum as well. It’s a fun look.

  25. Tammy Says:

    Do it! I shaved my head to a two and I loved it. It was my favorite hair cut.

  26. Sara Says:

    I had a pixie a year ago. Liked it at first but it was never quite right … I’ve been growing my hair out since and it is SUCH a pain because there are so many layers. That’s my only cautionary tale. It works so well on some people! It just never felt like me, but I was feeling daring and went for it. Gotta try it once. Go for it!

  27. Bethany Says:

    It’s funny, I’m fourteen, just got my hair chopped off into a pixie, I was running my fingers through the back of my freaky short hair when I remembered your blog and decided to go there to see what you had been posting, and I saw this post and laughed. I’m not daring at all with my hair, I just wanted a change, made the appointment and got a sixteen dollar haircut. I love it but I’m just awaiting all the kids asking about my sexual orientation, I guess that’s the only daring part for me.

  28. sandy Says:

    I too have been dying to try a pixie cut. But then I always chicken out and get some other style instead. I got a short inverted bob last time. I love the volume that comes with short hair and the effortless styling. Im thinking about getting a cut again, maybe this time I will take the plunge. ginnifer goodwin is my inspiration.

  29. Frisør Valby Says:

    Do it for fun :)


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