Tutorial: Full Up Fat Twist.

Posted in Tutorial on July 27th, 2011 by Reagan

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Here is part two to last weeks video. We played around with these videos at the end and they make me laugh so hard. Sorry if they embarrass you and you have to look away. Haha.

PS if you are having trouble with hair pins, just use bobbi pins in the mean-time. For all you thick haired girls out there, hair pins hold a lot more hair and you dont need as many of them. So get excited for the hair pin tutorial well be cooking up shortly.

21 Responses to Tutorial: Full Up Fat Twist.

  1. Andrea Says:

    Im excited for your hair pin tutorial. My hair is super duper thick (my stylist said I have enough hair for about 5 people) and I hate trying to pin it up with bobby pins, it never works. Where do you buy hair pins?

  2. Michelle Says:

    Love the coral-y lipstick color. Can you tell us what that is?

    (I didnt have to look away once)

  3. Ashley Rae Says:

    great tutorial!! I always wanted to know how women did this type of hair style! absolutely fabulous! Thanks!

  4. Amanda Blair Says:

    I love these videos with the extra stuff added in! So fun! and can you do this to my hair?

  5. Robin Says:

    Shout out to Jake? for introducing me to some really cool new music!!!!!!!!!!!!! (or should the accolades go to you Reagan?) Anywho love these tutorials!

  6. Jake Says:

    @Robin: It is a team effort. Usually it consists of me making suggestions, then Reagan either agreeing or vetoing (mostly vetoing). In this case, Reagan actually made the suggestion for Best Coast.

  7. Tammy Says:

    Love it! I especially love the end.

  8. Joellen Says:

    I second the requests for where to get hair pins and what your lipstick is. I love it! And I am seriously loving your bangs right now. So cute!

  9. Jenne Says:

    Gotta say the Goody Spin Pins ROCK! I use two for my really thick hair and it stays all day long. I dont have to take out 72 bobby pins, and hair pins have never really held my hair. Ive used roller pins in the past (the long ones), but the Spin Pins are SO worth it :)

  10. Kathryn Says:

    Love your tutorials Reagan!! I saw your video on mermaid braids and had to do them today. So awesome for keeping your bangs out of your face on a hot day! Regarding hair pins, I have very thick hair that breaks or just ignores a lot of the regular bobby pins, and I found these really neat hair pins called Magic Grip Pins (Conair makes them, and Scunci also makes a version). They hold so much hair. I have to put my hair up in the summer to avoid suffocating and without these, my buns and updos would fall apart in no time. Heres a link so you can see what they look like: http://www.amazon.com/Conair-Magic-Grip-10-Count-6-Pack/dp/B004R7P9OE. They are plastic, so after a lot of use, they will warp a bit, and they can snap, but I find I can use them for at least a few months before they start breaking or cracking. Just thought Id offer that as a solution for any other thick-haired ladies out there. Love this site and will be staying tuned for more videos and posts!

  11. Rachel C Says:

    Youre so cute cant wait for the hair pin tutorial, I have serious issues with those!

  12. Mendy Says:

    I do so love your tutorials. Can I bug you for one on your awesomely stunning matron of honor hair? I am dying to figure that out!

  13. Kira @ hernewleaf Says:

    Ah, hairpins take me back to my ballet days we always used them for our buns!

  14. laura Says:

    thanks for the awesome tutorial, reagan! i am a total hair dummy, but i want to do pretty things with my hair so bad! i have thin-ish, super fine hair, and i feel like it makes things harder because it just falls. any advice would be fantastic :)

  15. brigitte Says:

    Could you seriously be any cuter!~
    You have so much style Reagan I just love it! and you so know how to work it!

  16. Allison W Says:

    Ohh I cant wait to try this one. :)

  17. Heather Says:

    Thanks for this tut it solved a couple of my problems first, since it is a thousand degrees outside right now and 100 percent humidity I cant stand having my hair touch/stick to me. But it currently is at a length that pony tails look even more sloppy/ lazy than normal. It will be nice to look like an adult again. Also, my hair is so think that is has to be pretty long to braid/ bun, just to get around itself- and some genius just layered the bejesus out of it so this is a great way to address all of those layers:)

  18. Liza Says:

    I love your blog, your writing and your video tutorials! You are so fun and creative. Next time you shoot one from the back, maybe you could sit in front of a mirror? Then your face would still be on camera too and you might not feel as awkward! Either way, it still works! XO

  19. Danielle Says:

    Ugh. So i tried this and it was an EPIC FAIL. Im going to try again..lol

  20. Juliette Says:

    OK are you sure you are not a model by day/hairstylist by night? Oh I know you are a model who does her own hair Duh!
    Seriously you are stunning and this vid. is amazing. Once again you have me smiling from ear to ear for this beautiful hair do. Trying it tomorrow!

    You have given me so much inspiration, you dont even know.

    Thank you.

  21. Jen Says:

    Love the tuts. I have used them repeatedly and shared with my pals. The filming and editing is great but youll need to get a proper microphone! Its hard to hear you and proper sound would just take your videos to the next level!


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