A few tricks to making color last longer.

Posted in News on July 28th, 2011 by Reagan

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It costs a lot of money to get your hair colored, so I thought Id share a few of my tips to keeping the color locked in. You know, so you can look hotter longer and get your moneys worth.

~First off, wait as long as possible to shampoo after a fresh color process. I got my hair colored last Thursday, and I waited until Tuesday to shampoo it again.
~Try to use cooler water on your hair. Warm or hot water will open the cuticle, making the color wash out quickly.
~Always use color safe shampoo/conditioner. This is especially important for you rich reds and brunettes. Most non-color safe shampoos will strip your color right out!
~Protect your hair when youre out and about. The sun will pull color out, so if youre out for long periods of time, its a good idea to wear a hat or a scarf.

My pink is almost already gone in just one shampoo! We knew when we did it that it would just last 2 or 3 washes, so Im willing to freeze my head in the shower so that I can have cool edgy hair for another week or two!

7 Responses to A few tricks to making color last longer.

  1. sarah Says:

    SO, SO love your hair!! whats next after the pink fades? I wish you could do a color consult on me.I want to do something different but Im clueless!!

  2. Jessica Says:

    I wish you could do a consult on me, too! I want a new style but cant decide. And Im thinking about going red again, but Im not sure if I want to be safe and do my natural auburn or go really red!

  3. bargainbex bex Says:

    you mindreader, you! i just discovered you (gotta love scissor-wieldin blog-readin sisters) and was astounded at how you (subliminally) knew that ive been wrestling with the idea of dying my dirty, dirty blonde locks (after a few too many trying-to-go-back-light-ish-blonde attempts) into a ravishing red. a la franka potente in run lola run, but fear that it would wash out too quickly (as reds always do on my head) but am now thinking maybe a nice pink-ish hue might just satiate my hair-dyin hunger temporarily (ie: until i make my mind up) thanks ever so much-ly for the inspiration and the great tips! cant wait to see what you post next

    from one blogger to another,


  4. Camila Fuenzalida Says:

    Great information! Would it be bad to use dry shampoo on your hair after getting it dyed? So that you wait longer before having to wash it? What color would you recommend for dark brunettes? My hair color is so flat and boring that I want to add some color to it. I was thinking rich, warm colored highlights, what should tell my stylist to make sure I get what I want? Ive never dyed my hair before and Im kinda nervous about getting it bleached, but I want to go all out with a new color!

  5. Camila Fuenzalida Says:

    I have another question. So you said to not shampoo your hair right after its been colored, so (excuse me this might sound like a dumb question) do you rinse it with cold water to wash out the excess dye? Do you keep rinsing the next couple of days and then wash it with color safe shampoo/conditioner? Also how do you feel about box dye? I know its not as up to par with salon work but Ive used box dye on others before, and theyve always worked pretty well. What do you think?

  6. Maura Says:

    What about with henna? I just ordered some online (henna hut) and I am dying my pixie red since its not a chemical dye do I need a color safe shampoo?
    LOVE your blog!

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