Tutorial: Half Up Fat Twist

Posted in Tutorial on July 18th, 2011 by Reagan

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Hooray for a tutorial. I really like this one a lot, I hope youll like it too!

A few things I want to point out
~If you dont have a teasing comb, a rat tail comb works just find. You can also use a regular comb or a pick, but I prefer a teasing comb or a rat tail comb.
~Hair pins work so much better for this look than bobbi pins, I know that they can be a little trickier to figure out if youre not used to them. Let me know if any of you are struggling, and I can probably figure out a tutorial for that!
~Filming a tutorial backwards was my most awkward moment to date. And that is coming from a girl who got her first period at an 8th grade dance. Now do you know why I prefer to do tuties on my friends?
~Im sorry I just talked about periods. That always happens.
~Sorry I just made up another nickname for tutorial. That always happens too.

24 Responses to Tutorial: Half Up Fat Twist

  1. brissa Says:

    i wish we were best friends. because if we were, youd love me so much youd want to do my hair every day.

  2. rachelle. Says:

    i know what a bobby pin is, but i dont know what a hair pin iscan you show us?

  3. MelanieBaker Says:

    Such a cute vid! I loved the end :) Im glad you did this as a tutorial, I thought it was so cute and clever and convenient when you did it in Chicago.

  4. Russanne Says:

    1. I want your hair color. 2. I want your little reading/drinking/eating nook.

    Blog make me covet and I dont even care!

    The End!

  5. Russanne Says:


    I ruined it.

  6. Reagan Says:

    @Russanne: by reading/drinking/eating nook do you mean my kitchen? because you just feasted your eyes on my entire kitchen/dining room.

  7. Reagan Says:

    @rachelle.: this is a hairpin

  8. Rae Says:

    Reags, before you even mentioned 60s or had even started doing your hair I just thought you looked so mod glam! And I am really loving the colos(s) of your hair.
    And you may have felt awkward, but it didnt come off awkward at all to have your back to the camera. Its so nice to see you do these styles on yourself, super helpful!
    You are gorgeous!

  9. Rae Says:

    PS Loved the Brigitte Bardot shout out, made me think of Buzios!!

  10. Candi Says:

    I love your tutorials and I wish I could hire you to teach me how to do stuff to my hair. I love having it long but its so boring because I cant even manage a messy bun!! It is too heavy and ends up looking like a big blob!! I need serious help!

  11. Tif Says:

    I love the end of this Reags! You are great!

  12. Rachel C Says:

    Probably lame, but I absolutely need a hairpin tutorial. Im having troubles.
    Also, you need to go back to Chicago now that theres a ginormous 26 foot tall Marilyn Monroe on Michigan Ave. Imagine the cute photos!

  13. Amanda Blair Says:

    This is my favorite video to dateI loved the ending! And your hair color right now is the freaking jamhair jam that is hahaha. that was a dumb joke.

    Cant wait to try this out!

  14. Jan B Says:

    Love your tutorials. I would love to see some with a bob haircut also.

  15. kara Says:

    Adorable. I love getting ideas from your blog!

  16. Katie D Says:

    I wore my hair like this today. LOVE! Thanks so much for the tutorial. I have seen this twist a few different times and just didnt know how to pull it off. It is SO easy! Super cute and I am very happy to have an alternative for my hair! Thanks Reagan!

  17. Shannon Says:

    i LOVE this look! i always use bobby pins because i can never find hairpins that are strong enough. what brand(s) do you use/recommend?

  18. jennypenny Says:

    I need hairpin help too. I have a bunch of them from when I was in a wedding last summer, and I can can get the twist. But it only stays for a couple of minutes before it falls. Is there a trick to where/how to put the pins in? Ill keep practicing, though cause I really like this look!

  19. jennypenny Says:

    PS I love the music you used!

  20. rachelle. Says:

    @Reagan: thanks! that makes sense. i guess i always thought they were just bobby pins, toojust different.

  21. Natalie Says:

    Reagan I just LOVE your hdof blog and I just LOVE you! I love this look might have to be my next one to try. Question for you, I love the lip color you are wearing in the video, I must know what it is! Thanks! :)

  22. Alyssa Says:

    I love these tutorials. Im just getting to the length where I can do a lot of these fun things with it. Ive been trying the half-halo braids, but I am not great at french braiding on my own head yet (holy tired arms)! Im definitely trying this one soon. Looks like a great one to wear to work and quick because I dont get up early enough to do my hair everyday.

  23. Mel Says:

    Reagan, I love your blog so much! You hair reminds me SO much of my own, so everything you do I want to try! Just soo ready for my hair to be long again so I can pull off more of the styles. Great tutorial!

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