Introducing the 3/4 Halo.

Posted in News on July 5th, 2011 by Reagan

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Here are a few more pics of our 4th celebration. We basically hung out on our roof all day long. It was so much fun. Jen and I made desserts while Jake, Joe and Janky grilled up the veggie burgers and meatie burgers. We drank juice with fruit at the bottom and Jen and I got silly all over the roof. We even climbed onto some of our neighbors roofs. I hope thats not illegal!

Anyway, I wanted to post a few more pictures, because my hair for the day was great! I simply started out doing a halo braid, but after 3/4 of the way through, I finished up the braid and then tucked it back with the rest of the braid. I guess if I had to name this guy, Id call it the 3/4 Halo. That might not sound like a clever name, until you think about an angel that only go 3/4 of her halo because she was 1/4 naughty, and then it sounds like a very clever name for a hair-do indeed.

As always, pull and pin until youre satisfied with the beautiful mess youve created on your head.

Just for kicks, here are a few other pictures from the day slash night.

More sparkler writing. Boom Boom Boom (like fireworks, get it?)

I guess I need to grow up. Im still talking about my old cheerleading days at most social gatherings. I can still do a toe touch even! It isnt as impressive as it used to be, but at least my toes are pointed.

So uhyou should try the 3/4 Halo and let me know if it concludes in 1/4 naughtiness like mine did. For instance, I had two desserts. That is very naughty.

If nothing else, it will keep your hair off of your neck on a hot day.

15 Responses to Introducing the 3/4 Halo.

  1. Andrea Says:

    Im seriously impressed you can still do toe touches. I cannot! Plus you look super cute, I need you to send me an email and tell me what to wear everyday. You will!? Splendid.

  2. Kathy Says:

    Holy Cow! You look like youre six feet off the ground ~ Impressive! How did you get the cool shots of the sparkler writing?

  3. Rae Says:

    I am SERIOUSLY impressed with that toe touch.

  4. Alyssa Says:

    Im impressed with that toe touch! I think since you still got it you are entitled to talk about it.

  5. Amanda Blair Says:

    WOW..I literally have no words! You just keep on impressing me!

  6. Cassie Hansen Says:

    Love. I think I am cool enough for the 3/4 Halo, I definitely wasnt cool enough to do the full halo, at least not outside of my house.

  7. Juliette Says:

    This hairstyle is probably one of my favorite ones to date. You look beautiful.

  8. Melissa Lehman Says:

    Great style!!! I can not wait until my hair is a bit longer so that I can try the halo braid and the 3/4 halo. Back in my cheerleading tryout days, we called the Toe Touch the Babydoll it was my fave! I think that if I tried that jump now, I would die. Seriously! Im impressed! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Rachael Says:

    I tried this today with decent success. My hairs shorter, so the back part of the braid isnt as nice, and I ended it with a teeny side pony instead (didnt have enough to braid/tuck), but its something new and keeps my curly hair in check :)

  10. Becky Says:

    Pretty toe touch. You do a dancers toe touch, roll your hips out. If you got it, flaunt it. :)

  11. talia Says:

    Cute hair, I love its guts. Good job with the toe touch too! I did a herkie the other night whilst playing with sparklers too, I dont know what it is about sparklers that makes me want to be a cheerleader again. I dont think mine was as good as yours tho :)

  12. Desiree Says:

    Before I even read this post, I did a 3/4 halo in my 4 year old daughters hair the other day (but it was more of a 2-part twisty thing than a regular 3 part braid [which I now must try]). Looked gorgeous and stayed up all day! Also, it resulted in AT LEAST 1/4 naughtiness.

  13. Sondra Says:

    Could you do a tutorial on this hairstyle? I love it and but Im having a hard time figuring out how to the end bun part. I love your blog by the way. I just discovered it and I am excited to see what will happen next! :)

  14. kem Says:

    I love the 3/4 halo! So pretty! can you do a tutorial on it? I tried, but for some reason I cannot finish it off correctlyit looks disastrous : ) Thanks for all the great tips and advice!

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