Tutorial: Beachy Blowdry

Posted in Tutorial on April 18th, 2011 by Reagan

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Today is day one of our Hairdresser On Fire one year anniversary party! To celebrate we have a lovely tutorial today. This tutorial is for that girl who loves her beach vacations for the awesome hair it gives her. There are many variations of this blow-dry, depending on how big of sections you use. I did pretty small ones on Erin, but you can play around with it and decide what you like best for yourself!

Try it out and send over some photos!

21 Responses to Tutorial: Beachy Blowdry

  1. Leynara Says:

    Hi, I love your blog., Im doing a course in hairdressing and I am often on your blog,
    I wanted to ask you could put the name of the products you use.
    Thank you, kisses

  2. Andrea Says:

    love it

  3. Roxanne Says:

    Love this! I know youve mentioned it before, but whats the name of that blowdryer? xo

  4. Jess Says:

    I love the tutorials! So helpful and thanks for doing this beachy-waves one :)

  5. TB Says:

    Thanks for this! My hair is pretty much straight but its got a bit of a wave so hopefully I can get this to work.

    BTW, that new colour looks SO good on you!!

  6. Alyssa Says:

    Ive never been able to get my hair to curl because it is so straight, but I am going to put a few of these tips and tricks to use to see what I can do. I really enjoy this blog!

  7. Claudia Says:

    Hi there! Wonderful tutorial, I´ve been waiting for one like this a long time! You´re trully inspirationaland gorgeouslove your hair and the red is WOW!

    Best regards all away from PORTUGAL!


  8. brandilyn Says:

    I CANT WAIT TO TRY THIS!! yayy thank you!

  9. Emma Says:

    Hi i Love this blog! I was wondering if this style would work on girls who have naturally straight hair?

  10. Migena Says:

    Tried this, Love it! My hair has a bit of a wave to it if I blow dry it, does ugly frizzy curls if I let it dry naturally, this is perfect for me. Looks great with my Ombre Highlights. It creates a frizz free curl that looks good at any length. THANK YOU for the tutorial.

  11. Kathryn Says:

    Thanks Reagan! Great post! Ive always wondered how to do this.

  12. Kari Says:

    Im kind of embarrassed to have recognized that song from the Geico commercial.

  13. Jenny Says:

    I just did this and it was rad. I thought it would take forever because I have a lot of hair but it went fast! I didnt have the ocean spray either, so i just used the garnier makin waves spray on it before it dried.

  14. Courtney Says:

    This is so awesome! You answered my question esp-style just as I was wondering, I wonder if this works on stick straight hair so fantastic.

    On a side note, I pretty much wet my pants because I know Erin! She was a good friend of my older sister growing up and she is honestly one of the few people who might be even more beautiful on the inside than the outside (if you can even imagine!).

    Keep your awesome tutorials coming and tell Erin that the Treasure Valley still loves her! What a gem!

  15. Shelby Says:

    I was just wondering what kind of product you would suggest for those of us with straight hair.

  16. Wavy Curly Hairstyles Says:

    Youve got great insights about Hair, keep up the good work!

  17. ibarra Says:

    i used to have naturally wavy hair and when i used this twisting technique and a diffuser, it worked beautifully. unfortunately, my hair became stick straight for no apparent reason and this technique no longer works. do you have any tips for doing this? also, ive been thinking about getting a perm but the the rarity of people getting it done nowadays makes me weary of stylists ability in doing good jobs. ive heard horror stories. what are your thoughts?

  18. Charolette Says:

    Do we need the diffuser for this tutorial? Or can we just use a regular blow-dryer without the diffuser?

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  20. Siobhan Says:

    Whats the soundtrack please? :)

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