Hair Answers: Trendiest Wedding Hair.

Posted in Answers on March 22nd, 2011 by Reagan

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Q by Sarah: So one of my BFFs is getting married this June, and I am the Maid of Honor. This is the third wedding for our group of friends, and in both of the previous two weddings, everybodys looked really classic and timeless as far as bridesmaid hair and attire go. For this wedding, we thought it would be awesome if one of my Maid of Honor duties was having a really of-the-moment, trendy hairstyle on the big day. Ie. one that will be dated later so that we can laugh at the pictures in 20 years. Any thoughts on really of-the-moment, trendy Maid of Honor hair? My dress is one of those one-shoulder deals.

A by Reagan: This is definitely a fun question. The first style that popped into mind when I thought of trendy wedding hair, was long, loose wavy hair. This is how every bride/bridal party seems to be wearing their hair these days. I admit, at my own Vegas wedding just over 4 years ago, I did long, loose, flowing waves. It is more popular than ever now. It is a very Victorias Secret look. I think the look will keep around for a while, but it wont be popular forever! I think one day youll look at the photos and know it was a 2011ish wedding. Remember when everyone wore their hair up for their wedding? Up-dos were the big thing? Most people are wearing it down. Down hair is the trendiest of all wedding trends right now. Also, look at the red carpet these days, down hair is all over that business too.

If you want to accessorize it in a trendy way, the bride can wear a birdcage veil, and the bridesmaids can wear a feather/flower piece.

The second look I thought of, is the topknot. The topknot (bun right smack on the top of your head), is definitely a big look right now. It can be done a lot of ways. You can make it slightly fuzzy for a soft/romantic look, thrown together for a messy look, teased to make it big like my party bun, or slick and smooth for a formal look. You can do it in the middle or off-centered. Do the topknot!

(i know the Mandy Moore topknot is very similar to a classic wedding bun, but its the fact that it is so high up that makes it trendy!)


Thanks, Sarah! I hope I get a picture of the look you choose!

9 Responses to Hair Answers: Trendiest Wedding Hair.

  1. Nikki Says:

    Any tips to get waves like that?

  2. Amanda Blair Says:

    Oh! I love miss Miller, shes so damn pretty!

    I love me a top knot and I think I will be rocking it at all the weddings Im attending this year!

  3. the MRS. Says:

    I actually think that hair down ages a lot less in pictures. Especially long hair that isnt in a trendy cut.

    I love the top knot idea!

  4. Sarah Says:

    Thank you, Reagan! I think you might be on to something with these ideas love it! Ill definitely send a picture after this all goes down! xoxo

  5. Emma Says:

    I would love to see other updo ideas as I am in my sisters wedding this summer. Love love love the wavy hair. The ceremony is outside though so I think wearing my hair down might be too hot.

  6. Karen Says:

    I think another big trend right now is flower headbands like these:

    which are beautiful and will most definitely look dated in a few years!

  7. JoAnn Says:

    Hi Reagan!
    I love reading your blobs and have a very pressing question that I was hoping you could help me with.
    I have been going to my hairdresser for about 10 years now. I love everything she does with my hair and she is wonderful at color, however her prices are much more than most other salons.
    We recently had our fouth child and I am a stay at home mom, therefore the cost of my hair upkeep has become a little bit of a burden financially. Im getting older so I have to see her on a 5 to 6 week rotation so the $120 to $150 has put a dent in out budget.
    So my question is how do I break-up with her? Our kids go to the same doctor and dance studio. We work out at the same gym, so I see her sometimes. I also am a little worried that I may not be able to find someone else that will be able to tame my tresses so I may have to go back to her..even though I cant afford it.
    With all this I was just wondering if you have any suggestions. I would prefer to not have to talk to her face to face, I am just not good as that. Any suggestions on what I can do or say would be greatly appreciated.

    Happy Hair Day!!!!

  8. Lea Anne Says:

    I am getting married in June, and was thinking of doing the top knot look for myself, is that too trendy for the bride? I loved Nicole Richies wedding hair but wasnt sure if it would look out-dated in my pictures.

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