Volume Part 2: Shampooing

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The shampoo/conditioning process is very important in creating volume. Its actually almost more important to know how to properly shampoo/condition so that you can prevent weighing down your hair. It is so easy to overdose on heavy conditioners thinking youre repairing your hair, when youre actually caking on more and more build-up, causing small tiny hair. So sad yall.

So, here are my steps for the best, most volumizing shampoo to create enormous hair.

Step 1: Use a good shampoo, of course! A volumizing shampoo is always a plus, or a clarifying shampoo to remove product and pollution build-up. Be careful with clarifying shampoos though, they can strip your hair. You dont want to use them more than once a week or every other.

Step 2: Shampoo thoroughly. Get all that dirt and grime out. Ive mentioned before that it is good to shampoo twice if your hair is extra dirty or hasnt been shampooed in a while. You dont want to use much shampoo each time, just about the size of, or a little bigger than a quarter. You usually wont get much of a lather the first shampoo, and when you get a big lather the second time around, it means the hair is clean. While youre shampooing, really make sure you scrub every single inch of your head. Im surprised how often I see clients that have very dirty hair underneath, and really only rub in a small circle with their palm on the top of their head. They skip out on the scrubbing with the pads of their fingertips and they dont get the sides, nape or crown properly cleaned! Lots of detail, but make sure you scrub!

Step 3: Avoid over-conditioning. This one is extremely important in preventing flat hair. To apply conditioner the right way, put a small amount in your palm, then start at the bottom of your hair and work it through upwards, combing through the strands. I dont even put it at the roots, because my natural oils moisturize that part and the conditioner will only weigh the roots down! The next part is vital.rinse like crazy. A lot of people get out of the shower with slimy hair, it should be soft, but not slimy. Rinse well!

Also, I would say not to use a moisturizing conditioner unless your hair is incredibly damaged or over-processed. A moisturizing conditioner will be too rich and too heavy. Think Pantene Pro-V. I know it is a really good detangler, but it is too heavy and it will pull your hair down like crisco. All conditioners will be moisturizing to a degree, so again, unless your hair really needs the extra moisture, Id go for a lighter volumizing one.

So, here is a short list of my favorite volumizing shampoos. (conditioners from all the following are good too, but this post is a little more focused on the shampoo!)

Matrix Amplify

Pureology Purevolume

Redken Body Full

Oribe Shampoo for Magnificent Volume


P.S. If you use shampoo for color treated hair, Id keep using that. Or you can alternate with a volumizing shampoo if you are dying for Dolly Parton hair.

(im so sorry about the funky centering of the photos. the photo centering on this blog with puzzle me until my dying day..)

15 Responses to Volume Part 2: Shampooing

  1. Jenny Says:

    Thanks for the recommendations! I love this volume series. Do the same shampooing/conditioning rules apply to dry, curly hair that never (rarely) gets oily?

  2. Juliette Says:

    I have been doing the double shampoo (scrub, scrub, scrub) & conditioning my ends ever since I read your earlier post on how to shampp properly. Its crazy how little shampoo & conditioner I need and how much I am saving. For some reason I always thought I needed a ton of shampoo & conditoner to get my hair clean. Boy was I wrong. My hair is so much happier now. Thanks for the tips!

  3. AJ Says:

    This is really really helpful. I have felt like my hair is still so heavy when I get out of the shower. I sometimes have to use a dry shampoo after I blow dry it. :( I cant tell if it is my poor washing or weird nursing hormones. Anyway, this rocks. Thank you!

  4. Danielle Says:

    Yea Reagan! So, all my life I thought that because I had thick hair I did not need volume Well recently in trying to acheive a Dolly-like look (I love her, like seriously, she is just the nicest lady I digress) I realized my thick wavy hair needed some layers and that did the trick! I was so excited, and your posts on beautiful big hair have helped in my quest. Thank you for inspiring me to seek after the big hair of my dreams. First you introduced me to the joys of garnier wonderwaves and now if you can somehow teach me to train my arms and hands to use a blowdryer and roundbrush at the same time I would be in debt to you forever! Thanks!

  5. Sadie Says:

    =D YAY!!!! This made my day!! I have been using the Pureology shampoo and conditioner for a few weeks now and I LOVE IT!!! The shampoo lathers well. (Unlike Kerastase) And the conditioner makes your hair soft and combable, but not heavy and tooo soft. (Unlike Kerastase where I couldnt get a comb through my hair!) My hairdresser told me it might be a little drying, but I have super oily hair so it works out! Also, I got the Batiste dry shampoo you recommended (after trying some others that did NOTHING for my hair) and I LIKE it!! Not love love love it, but I do really like it!! It helps a lot and definitely allows me to skip a day of washing! :) REAGAN, youre my hero. So glad I found your blog! =D Im anxious for more VOLUME posts! <3 And to get my scalp scrub on tomorrow! =-P

  6. Camila Says:

    With the moisturizing conditioner (leave-in conditioner whatever) I agree it does weigh your hair down, but doesnt it help keep the moisture (water still left in hair after towel drying it) from damaging the hair when you leave it to air-dry?

  7. Jeanelle Says:

    What about if you are a swimmer and blonde.how often do you recommend using clarifying shampoo? I use the Paul Mitchell currently. Do you recommend others?

  8. LW Says:

    Hi Reagan! I love reading your blogs and I think your family is just adorable! I have the thinnest, finest hair imaginable and Im wondering if you can recommend a good stylist in the SLC area. You guys seem to have Utah ties, so I thought maybe youd know somebody who can do me right. Please helpmy hair is so gross that Im going to have to blow the rent on extensions if I cant get it looking better on its own :) Also, can being a vegetarian contribute to thin hair? Ive been veggie for the last 15 years or so.

  9. Stacey Gray Says:

    Hi! Thanks for the helpful post. I have terrible hair that I hate (ultra fine, ultra thin and a slight ugly wave) and am trying to follow your advise to see if things will get better. I have been gobbing conditioner on my hair for years. So Ive been trying really hard to cut back. However, this is my current problem. My hair tangles really badly in the shower after shampooing, so I use the conditioner as a detangler. This week as I have cut back when I try to get all the tangles out of my hair I end up pulling a lot of hair out. Is there something else that I can use to detangle that wont weigh me down? Thanks for all of your helpful and honest advise, I LOVE your blog!

  10. Rae Says:

    Confession: I had clue youre supposed to condition from the bottom up. My life is changed.

  11. Whiskeres Says:

    Reagan: I haz a question. I have quintessential mermaid hair. I let it air dry and use Aveda Be Curly something our another in it. Its not color treated or anything. Ive always used a super-moisturizing shampoo/conditioner bc the ends get kinda dry (its a little above my waist) and also, why the heck wouldnt somebody want extra moisturizer. So you are saying for us big-haired girls, volume shampoo is the way to go? Should I maybe alternate it w. my super-moisturzing ish?

  12. bridget Says:

    question reags:

    i dont like to wash my hair a lot- its pretty dry and i really only have to like 2x a week. in the meantime, should i be using dry shampoo? what even is it and whats a brand i should get? give it to me girl.

  13. Shelley Says:

    Ok, I went out and bought the Amplify, Redkin, and Oribe. I had to order the Oribestill waiting on that one. Can you tell Im a bit obsessed with finding a cure-all for my fine, static-y, thin-stranned hair? My bathroom closet reads like a shampoo/hair care clearance outlet.

    The Amplify and Redkin seem to make my hair a dry, wirey mess. I have higher hopes for the Oribe as it cost $35! Do I need to use them a bit longer to achieve a better result, as Ive only used them twice each. I tried pureology last year and it seemed to weigh my hair down. How do you feel about the ENJOY line (sulfate-free, color-safe, volumizing)?

    I would say I have a normal amount of hair but the strands are very fine and thin. I live in Memphis, TN so the humidity is a constant battle and leaves my hair with wispy curling that looks like flyaway or frizz. Any recs on styling products for thin-stranned hair in high humidity?


  14. Madge UK Says:

    I have very baby fine hair that began thinning as I got older. Ive tried every shampoo I could find that said the word volumizing and bought them. Needless to say, not one of those products stood up to their word. I had been using Shielos Volume Flexible Hair spray for quite some time and then Id use a hair pick to lift areas so my hair appeared to be fuller. The scent was just wonderful and it washed out with little effort. After blow drying and styling my hair, it did appear thicker and fuller as if I had more hair. I used the Shielo Volume Shampoo as well, and it took about 3 washings for the results to show. My hair took to the curling iron set on low with less time and I achieved better loose curls that lasted longer. It must have been pretty obvious as I was getting comments such as did you get extensions in your hair?. I just said no, I got smart and got Shielo

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