New Salon and HDOF Anniversary.

Posted in News on March 11th, 2011 by Reagan

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There has been so much that Ive wanted to talk to you all about! Im really pretty excited to share the news!

Last month I started at Whittemore House in the West Village as a stylist. Id love for you to come in for a cut and see my new place. Its a beautiful salon and Im so excited to be there.

Next up, April marks the one year anniversary of Hairdresser On Fire! I am cooking up some different ideas on how to celebrate, but I keep thinking a big giveaway with my favorite products would be the best way to thank you all for coming back and supporting the blog. Your emails and comments are so fun to read through, and your participation in the blog means so much to me. Im proud of the growth of this blog throughout the year, even though I havent always been completely on top of it. Lets celebrate and look forward to another great year!

How would you like to celebrate? What are you looking for on HDOF? More tutorials? More product discussions?

28 Responses to New Salon and HDOF Anniversary.

  1. Juliette Says:

    All the above! You rock!

  2. Shauna Says:

    Ditto, all of the above. Love your blog, youve changed my hairs life!

  3. Lynne Says:

    definitely more tutorials love those!

  4. Ashley Says:

    Tutorials! Maybe for people with short hairs?

  5. Michelle Says:

    I love your style. I would love to see more tutorials!

  6. Leslie Says:

    More everything! I love this site.

  7. Amalia Says:

    More tutorials! I second Ashelys comment about more for short haired people. I have a bob, which I love, but is there anything else I can do with it besides just be bobbish? It gets boring!

  8. sarah haslem Says:

    Congratulations! On your blog-aversary and starting at a new salon if I didnt live a a couple of thousand miles away, i would totally have you cut my hair, Dang it!

  9. Jamie Says:

    Id like to celebrate by learning how to get pretty waves and curls when you have the actual most straight hair in the history of the world :(

    But really, I love the tutorials! I have super long hair and Id love more tutorials on easy and quick every day styles so it doesnt get boring!

  10. Stacie Says:

    Love everything! I second Jamies suggestion on quick, casual styles for long hair. Ive used the Maude Hair style many times on myself and my daughters!

  11. Christine Says:

    Congrats on almost-a-year of your wicked blog! I just discovered it a month ago and Im enjoying it so much. Im starting hair school in May, and your ideas and personality are inspiring. I also appreciate the time you take to make video tutorials, because Im the sort of person that needs to really see whats being done to remember how to do it. Keep it up!

  12. Vanessa Says:

    I love this blog!! I have taken so many tips and ideas from it, and the tutorials have been especially helpful in getting my 10 year old interested in trying new things with her hair. Cant wait to see what the next year will bring!

  13. Amy V. Says:

    I would LOVE a giveawayas long as it included your favorite products AND Jakes Kellermans T-Shirt!!! Yes please!!!

  14. tammy Says:

    I love the tutorials! But I love everything else too. Congratulations on one year. I cant believe it has been a year.

  15. Barbara Says:

    Yes, yes, yes. Tutorials and product discussions. I cant for the life of me use dry shampoo and not have my hair feel awful. The 1st day of not shampooing, and its EW. Im not at all product savvy, so need help! Please and thank you.

    LOVE your blogs. Im on the west coast or Id be running to your shop in a heartbeat.

    Thanks for everything!

  16. Sara Says:

    Tutorials for people with thick straight long hair! (I love the braid ones-but my hair is 5 times thicker than the girls you have as models! My braids look so bad in comparison)

  17. Heather Says:

    Id LOVE to see some more tutorials! Im dying to know how to do the side bang braid, like in this photo of Kate Hudson.

    I really do enjoy your blog and thank you so much for taking the time to share your skills with us! If Im ever in NY, i so want you to do my hair!

  18. brandilyn Says:

    tutorials for shorter hair!! more of the same! everything is always so good here :)

  19. Charis Says:

    I love the tutoriala. I am totally hair challenged. I would like to see some on stuff for short hair.

  20. Loralei Says:

    Congrats! How about styling tips for naturally curly hair? Mine is shoulder length, fine and curly (like ringlets). The headband is getting old, and I cant always look like a sex kitten. (Theres a time & place for that! ;) )

  21. Amber Says:

    I love this blog! W have similar hair, so its extremely helpful. I want to know how to style my hair like the pic of you and alexayou had hot hair. even she was jealous.

  22. Jess Says:

    I love the tutorials! and also product recommendations.

  23. Linda Says:

    More tutorials they help me so much!

  24. Ingrid Says:

    Firstly, LOVE the blog. Secondly, more tutorials! I am always looking for new ideas for what to do with my hair when I dont want to leave it down I do the Maude hair and the party bun all the time since those tutorials!

  25. zoe k. Says:

    you know what would be a really cool giveaway?
    a complementary cut & color from. HDOF!
    (im just thinking about how im going to make it back to NYC from SF)

    Congrats on 1 year. Ive been reading this and RBlob for a while now, and they always make me smile.

  26. Amy Says:

    Free product giveaways sound good to me :) I like your Blog! I just found it today.

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