Blow Dryers Reviewed by Wired Magazine

Posted in News, Products on March 8th, 2011 by Jake

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Hello, it is Jake guest posting today. This month Wired Magazine reviewed four high tech blowdryers. Naturally, I was curious to read the Wired and Tired aspects of the four models reviewed. I say this, because it seems like I am constantly repairing one of Reagans blow dryers. Before reading this review, I was unaware things like: blow dryers are rated for a certain number of hours of use; and some blow dryers come with two year warranties that cover everything. I was also glad that Wired remarked on the results of the drop test. Heaven knows I have spent many hours realigning the motors in Reagans Twin Turbos after they had been knocked off of her hair station onto the floor.

One of the dryers reviewed by Wired actually contains a motor built by Ferrari. Yes, Ferrari the Italian super car company. Try to guess which one, from the image above (hint, the bright red one with the little Italian flag on it).

Read the full review over here. If you are curious about Reagans personal recommendations, be sure to check out her hair answer, about blow dryers.

[Image: Wired Magazine]

5 Responses to Blow Dryers Reviewed by Wired Magazine

  1. kati Says:

    ok, first of all, i love that jake is guest blogging. AND that he fixes your blowdryers. a serious catch :)

    i would loooove a good professional hair dryer, considering i blow my hair straight almost every day. but if anyone cares about a non-professional (read: i got it at target) dryer that i have really been loving, ive got the conair infinity pro AC. it works great for me!

    thanks for the post!

  2. Gillean Says:

    Hi Kati! :) There are variety of well fashioned and high quality blow dryers in the market today. Some of these are ionic blow dyers,ceramic blow dryers, tourmaline blow dryers and combination of the three types. I suggest that you use a ceramic blow dryer. I have tried it and its perfect! This allows your hair to lay flat, straight and smooth all day long.
    Some blow dryers have also exciting features which suit to your style and personality. Several colors ranging from the traditional rainbow colors,metallic, pastel and neon are available. It also comes with very fashionable designs like hello kitty, gothic design, flowery design and giraffe-skin design. Have a great hair day!

  3. Monique Says:

    thanks for the info, very helpful, I personally love my Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Dryer which works amazingly, it keeps my hair soft, shiny, smooth and healthy. :P

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