Oscar Hair: Best and Worst

Posted in Celebrities on February 28th, 2011 by Reagan

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This lady made my jaw drop. No one does a center part better than Gwyneth. Maybe Mary Kate Olsen on her best day, but she wasnt thereso Gwyneth wins for best center part. I loved her gown and her hair. They complimented each other perfectly.

Mila Kunis won for best up-do in my opinion. It looks straight out of a silent film. Her dark hair with her lilac gown looks stunning. Her gown was one of my favorites of the night.

Scarlets hair has never looked better. This is by far the best length and color for her. I thought her unfussy hair was a nice surprise at the Oscars. And let me mentions that someone with a body like hers would usually go for cleavage galore and I like that she doesnt do that every year. Am I right?

Michelle Williams did it again. I love her bright blonde pixie, and I love her textured mermaid dress.  Shes a babe and I love her. (however, did anyone see her short uncomfortable conversation with Ryan Secrest? Awkward.)

On to the worst.

Amy Adams. This dress is stunning, and although she has amazing hair, I feel like it the wrong style for her structured gown. She needed something up.

As pretty as her waves were, theres no changing my mind, she needed it up.

Reese Witherspoon. I heard people say she had the best hair of the evening. I thought it looked like a clipped in hair piece from Claires. I usually love Reeses hair, but I dont know, I just didnt like this look. And to be honest, I wasnt crazy about the gown either. There, I said it.

Melissa Leo did her own hair, without a mirror, on the car ride over. Theres just no other explanation. (but hey, she won an Oscar, so)

Note: I kind of hate doing a worst list. Its mean. I think about how I would feel if I went out on the red carpet, smiling and thinking I look amazing and then got ripped apart by some local hairdresser on fire. So, I hope that the women on my worst list know that I think they are all beautiful and awesome. Plus they are basically for sure millionares and maybe that will help soften the blow. So if Reese or Amy or Melissa read HDOF, sorry guys!

18 Responses to Oscar Hair: Best and Worst

  1. Kat Says:

    Haha. Clipped in hair piece from Claires. So funny and true. I love Reese Witherspoon to death, but she looks best when she sports her bangs.

  2. jen Says:

    reese i love you but yes your hair looked like a piece from clairs or the asian ladies that hound you in the mall. and your dress looked like jessica mcclintock prom circa 2001. sooo dissapointing. i loved gwyneths entire look but could have gone without the broach at the waist.

    and i also have a question for you reagan..i loved guiliana from es high bun, i think you did a video of a similar updo. i want to wear my hair like that for a wedding in may but i kind of feel silly as i am just a guest, not a bridesmaid/bride, etc. do you think i should tone it down?

  3. Rae Says:

    I basically agree with you on every point, except I didnt love Gwyneths dresss, but I do love her so it doesnt matter! Were you watching when she was asked who she would do a duet with if she could choose anyone and she said JayZ? I loved that, since theyre besties. :)
    Loved everything about Mila. I have a serious girl crush.
    SO WITH you on Scarlet. Everyone at my friends was ripping on her hair and I loved it! And apparently its the cool thing to do to hate on Scarlet if youre a girl, but I cant help it, shes gorgeous. I love her. And I am obsessed with the color of her dress (and the backless peek a boo!) Loved it all.
    Michelle was glowing. Love her.
    Amy Adams.ugh, ditch the necklace! That drove me crazy all night.
    Agreed on all accounts regarding Reese, but I do love her so. Did you see her blingin engagement ring? Way to go Reese.
    I also love Melissa Leo, but your description is perfection.
    You are officially the nicest fashion police ev. :)

  4. Talia Says:

    Agreed!!!! On Wonderwall they basically got it all wrong. They had Gwyeneth, Michelle and Scarlett on the worst dressed list, and Reese and Amy on the best. What?

  5. Kari Says:

    Michelle Williamss interview with Ryan was totally awkward! Um, Michelle, could you expound a LITTLE more? But I did like her hair. I wonder if I could ever pull off a pixie.

  6. Natalie Says:

    I SOOOO agree with you on Reese. I didnt like her hair or her dress. Gwyneth was my FAVORITE, though!

  7. ESO Says:

    I couldnt stand Natalie Portmans hair. Please validate me and confirm that it was awful. She is a sweetie and Im totally OK with her feeling like she kind of wanted it down, but halfway down?

  8. Kate Says:

    Is it just me, or was Reece trying to rip off Julia Roberts vintage look from when she won her Oscar? And I must say, I am getting really tired of Amy Adams onesidetuckedbehindtheear hairdo. Boring.

  9. Jana Neser Says:

    Reagan I love you :)

  10. Stephanie Says:

    I completely agree. I thought Scarlet looked awesome and her hair was a refreshing change as was her dress. I thought Amy looked amazing in her dress-minus the hair. Totally could have pulled her hair up, or at least into a low & soft bun.

  11. Maggie Says:

    Haha you pretty much nailed it, and bring up a really good point about Scarlett not flashing her chest. Love that!

  12. Kate Says:

    Reagan you seriously crack me up!
    I thought it was hilarious when they announced that Reese had the best hair.. umm no she looks like she took a cheap trannys wig and glued it to the back of her head. The two toned dress looked like something that came out of my prom dress closet. With Michelle I will agree with the hair and dress (to die for) BUT I was left with a bad taste in my mouth after the interview with Ryan. I havent seen her do a lot of interviews but if that was all she could give i think maybe girlfriend should be skipping the red carpet next time.
    love your blogs and you and your little family brighten up my days

  13. Jenn Says:

    I discovered your blog today, and after reading that you were less than crazy about Reeses hair/dress Im certain when I say Ill be checking back in often!

  14. jkziel Says:


    Loved Gwynth, LOVED Mila, Michelle was lovely..

    I totally agree with you on Reeses whole attire, did not like it at all, but I love her!

  15. rebecca Says:

    i agree reag. reese looked like she was going to her senior prom. akward.

  16. Mel M. Says:

    I totally agree on Reese! Why does everyone love it?! Her Claires clip-in didnt even really match her hair color upon closer inspection! It was too solid blonde and the tone was too gold. Bad. Her dressprom/bridesmaid. I agree with all of your other points too. Love your blog.

  17. Mady Says:

    Gwyneth Paltorw does it again. Gwyneth usually goes for the most natural look which makes her come out on top. I think the category for best hair correlates with the outfit. Gwyneth’s blonde hair with center part complements her dress and is the most natural and flawless looking. I also think that Reese Witherspoon had the best up-do in my opinion. I don’t agree with Mila Kunis having the best up-do because I don’t think it looked very natural while Witherspoon’s hair seemed very elegant. As the 2012 Oscars just passed, Gwyneth won for best dressed with her white caped dress, but I also think that her low pony tail was absolutely perfect for the style she was going for.

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