Tutorial: Maude Hair

Posted in Tutorial on February 9th, 2011 by Reagan

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Can you believe it? Back to back Tuts (pronounced toots.)! Thanks again to my good friend Jen for filming these with us. I think she is my braid muse. I am coming up with some great ideas for next time, if shell let me of course. Hooray!

Here is the inspiration for the toot! haha, fine..the tutorial (boring voice).

And if you havent seen Harold and Maude, it really is one of my favorite movies. Ive seen it a dozen times. You should watch it! I want to be Maude when Im in my 80s. But Ill still be with Jake of course.

8 Responses to Tutorial: Maude Hair

  1. errin Says:

    when i first started dating my husband, i had long, awesome hair, and i used to wear it like this all the time. love this tutorial! maybe i should just grow my hair long again so i can bring it back. spark up the marriage and whatnot

  2. Stine Says:

    I LOVE your tutorial on messy locks/blake lively hair! it works! its easy and its done in 10 minutes. really: thank you so :)

  3. Stine Says:

    ps, this one I am so going to try, too

  4. Mari aka Thorney Says:

    I would love to be able to this myself. i am just not coordinated enough to do it. But tomorrow I am going to wear my hair in a braid down the back.

  5. Tarynn Says:

    Thanks, Reags! Do you have any tips if youre braids are 5X bigger around than Jens? I felt a bit like putting on a bustier and carrying a beer stein when I tried my hair like Maudes. I can do smaller braids, but any suggestions for the remainder of my mane?

  6. Camila Says:

    First of all youre hair has grown sooo fast!!! i saw your Party bun toot in january and now I saw this toot and omgosh your hair is so long!! that is amazing! (i am anxious to grow my hair out) second of all i love your tutorials (i like how you call them toots) they are amazing and i have already used them on so many people and myself! thank you! and i cant wait for more!!!!

  7. Stacie Says:

    I just had to tell you how much I have used this tutorial! Its awesome! Ive used it for myself and also for my daughter (not at the same time. . . ) She calls it her Princess hair b/c it looks like a crown.

    I also saw this gorgeous fashion editorial and I know they must have seen your tutorial and gotten all inspired http://fashiongonerogue.com/emily-senko-wendy-bevan-marie-claire-italia-march-2011/

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