Curly Bangs (fringe)

Posted in Celebrities on January 4th, 2011 by Reagan

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My bangs have grown out for the most part and are at the point where they are hanging in my face all the time. I cant decide if I want them short again, or grown out! I saw a girl on the subway New Years eve with curly bangs, and she just looked so feminine and pretty. I really love the look, its a bit late 70s.

I cant decide!

What do you think?

18 Responses to Curly Bangs (fringe)

  1. amber Says:

    I think. I love it.

  2. Amanda Says:

    Cute but will it be a lot of work to keep em curly, or will your natural wave do it for you? My natural curl takes down lower, but my bangs are bone straight except for a cowlick. Boo.

  3. tonya lynn Says:

    i love them if they arent a super thick section. I also like them when they are kind of parted like in the first picture so that they are more side swept rather than full on bangs.

  4. Kat Says:

    That would look totally cute on you! I think you could definitely pull off some curly bangs, and why not just try it for a little bit? Werent they curly when you did Sid and Nancy, and you loved it?

  5. Manda Says:

    I have really curly hair and even curlier bangs. I dont straighten them often because I feel like they give my head a little extra spunk. Plus, its so fun to walk with bouncy hair.

  6. Stacie Says:

    Adorable, I say go for it!

  7. Jen Says:

    Jen here- reporting for team curly bang.

  8. Anna Says:

    Its a cute idea but I feel like you could get tired of it really quick and then be annoyed with having to Bobby pin your bangs back until they grow out again.

  9. michelle Says:

    Totally do it. I tried to get my bff stylist to give me bangs a couple of years ago but she told me it wouldnt work well for me since my hair is curly. I disagreed. She challenged me to find her one picture of someone who looked good with curly bangs. So Im totally sending her your link (which I have already done before, but Ill do it again) so she can see. I dont think my curl is actually tight enough though to have it look like these girls.

    Ever since you did the blow drying bangs with a round brush tutorial Ive been thinking about cutting me some bangs. Im getting a brazilian blowout next week (trading my stylist bff a brazilian blowout for sewing lessons) and Im pretty sure Ill get bangs at the same time cause if its mostly blown out then I can do the whole side swept bang thing which I love.

  10. Jessica Says:

    Im having the same dilemma. My bangs are longer (they go behind my ears except for one piece) but they fall into my eyes so easily! I cant decide whether to keep growing them out or cut them short again.

  11. Loralei Says:

    I have shoulder length, dark brown, fine, curly hair (ringlets). I need some help styling it, as Im at a age where Im tired of fighting the curls to tame them, yet afraid to let them do their thing. I got a tiny (1/2 inch) curling iron for Christmas, and with it I can tweak some of my curls that start to go a little wild. Im all for you having curly bangsfor purely selfish reasonsbecause you just might give some hints on styling or products. Your hair looks amazing no matter what.

  12. Heather Says:

    Im doing it, and your post just sealed the deal. Im going for the Sissy from Urban Cowboy look I think. Great post!

  13. Christina Says:

    I too have long curls, what I did is I twisted them and clipped them just above my ear. so its like wavy and gives my face and extra shape. I like it.
    But I was more happy with my short bangs..I wish to grow hair

  14. Dawn Michelle @ Minimalist Beauty Says:

    I have very curly hair and was just debating this same thing. Last week I finally did it and cut bangs with a few framing layers around my face. It was the best thing Ive done! Whatever you decide will be beautiful.
    Im also loving the Tightly Curly Method for styling. Twirling/smoothing each curl can be a bit time consuming at first but having beautiful curls for up to a week at a time with daily refreshing and bunning at night is so worth it.

  15. Schwartz35Patrica Says:

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  16. Jennnnn Says:

    So, did you ever end up doing something curly? I have curly hair and I desperately want bangs, but every hair dresser I go to says no!

  17. Erica Says:

    just wondering if you went with the bangs, and if you have a pic! old post, i know.

    i am curly and havent had bangs since i was really little, but live on a boat in blustery juneau, alaska and would LOVE to not have my hair in my face all the time just free and easy!

    i also have kind of a narrow forehead in relation to the rest of my face, and have always noticed that my face looks better with my forehead covered (as in, when looking in a rearview or hand mirror and my forehead is cut off).

    scared to do it, but very tempted! need more curly bang pics!


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