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Posted in News on January 20th, 2011 by Reagan

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Last week, my friend Lindsay donated her hair to the organization Locks of Love. Lindsay had been planning on donating it for about a year (or more) and grew it as long as possible, so she could send as much as she could without looking like a boy afterwords. I always love doing drastic changes on my clients/friends, and being a small part of something so charitable is that much more special. Lindsay donated about a foot of hair! I know her hair looks unbelievably long and a bit weighed down in the pictures (and it was) but when she had it curled and all jazzy, it was STUNNING! We ladies get very attached to our hair, which is what makes donating it such an act of love!

Before. Lindsay looking beautiful even with a buttload of hair.

After. Lindsay looking beautiful and fresh faced as ever. ps we threw in a half head of foils and finished up with a toner (Shades EQ 8N) to make it soft and subtle. It was her first time with highlights so we didnt want to go crazy with the change!

If youd like to donate your hair to locks of love, click here for more information. And then have me do it! I love getting in on the action, and I need all the help I can get when it comes to getting into heaven.

Have you ever donated your hair?

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  1. ellen patton Says:

    I donated my hair about 5 years ago. In memory of my brother that died of brain cancer. I cut it on his birthday. I have really curly (red) hair and a few days before I cut it one of my friends spent an hour straightening it! I looked really different!

  2. Brittney Says:

    I donated my hair too

    But wow, I love those after shots ! I need someone to give me subtle highlights like that because I dont like the drastic ones, so Ive never had it done.

  3. Erin Says:

    She has such gorgeous hair! The highlights turned out perfectly!
    Ive never donated because the hair cant be color treated, isnt that right?

  4. Roxanne Says:

    Reagan, this is such a sweet haircut! I love it. Jeffrey cut all of his hair off and gave it to Locks of Love! I think its a really, really great thing to do! :)

  5. Rae Says:

    Wow, looks so great!
    Yes maam, I have donated: http://raelovesny.blogspot.com/2008/11/hair-todaygone-tomorrow.html

  6. Sara Says:

    Lindsay had beautiful hair before, but those after pics are stunning! The cut is super flattering, and those highlights! Perfection.

    Also hooray for Lindsay for donating her hair, its such a kind thing to do for someone going through cancer treatments.

  7. Megan Says:

    I donated 12 inches after my son was born. I did it right before it starting falling out. It was the first time I was away from my son for more than a shower. I got impatient and ended up stopping in at the mall to get it cut. My husband walked around with the baby. I ended up getting the worse cut ever!! I took in a picture of Katie Holmes choppy style. I got nothing like it. Oh well. I had always wanted to donate my hair and I am really glad I did it. I totally want to do it again. Next time I will have some patience and get it cut by someone I trust.

  8. Sarah Says:

    I have been growing my hair our for years in hopes to get it long enough to donate. I have a roundish?? face.Not so sure but I know once when my hair was above my shoulders I looked fat so I wanted to have it long so when I cut it, itd still be just past my shoulders. Im tall and its about to my waste so I hope to do it sometimes in the next year or so. Its a fear though too. Lindsay looks great!! I dont have a stylist that trims my hair so thats the other fear. But I hope to find someone. Id love for you to cut it but youd have to come back to SLC :)

  9. Allison Says:

    I donated my hair almost 2 years ago now (wow it went by fast!) and I TOTALLY balled my eyes out. I had such mixed emotions about the whole thing but when I thought about how it was just hair it made me want to do it even more.because those who dont have it, think of it as more than just hair, its much more than that. I cried because I didnt want to look like a boy and I cried because it felt so good knowing I was doing good.
    If I ever to go NY I will definitely hunt you down and let you be a part of my hair donating process. My hair is finally starting to get to the length it was before I cut off 14 INCHES! lol and I have been contemplating doing it again, reading this makes me want to do it even more! =)
    You have such pretty friends!!

  10. janie Says:

    Way to go Lindsay!

    Just found your blog last night I LOVE YOU!!! Looking sharp or professional with long curly hair is soooooooooo difficult but I now have 3 more easy to do styles that make me look the part THANKYOU!!! Off to mooch the rest of your site now for some more tips :o)

    PS Is it ok to backcomb curlyness?? I always steered clear of it as I figured getting the resulting rats tails out would be a nightmare?

    PPS where were you when I was 13???!

  11. tammy Says:

    woo hoo! I am caught up on HDOF! Love it!!!!

  12. Lola Says:

    Lovely! My daughter Brynn Elizabeth Rainbow ;) donated her hair 2 years ago. She was 8. She had extremely long and beautiful hair that made for a strong bun for ballet class! The best part of her donating her hair was when 3 of her classmates followed suit and did the same! Wow the power of girlfriends!

  13. Sara Says:

    I donate my hair every few years. Its a really wonderful thing that people can do.

    However, Locks of Love sells much of the hair they receive for making commercial wigsnot using it to make wigs for children with cancer or people with alopecia. There are many issues with Locks of Love, but mostly they do not fulfill their stated mission and there is a great chance your hair will be turned into a wig for someone to purchase for a crap load of money and not given for free to someone who needs it.

    Pantenes Beautiful Lengths appears to be a good alternative to Locks of Love, but has much stricter rules (no permanent dyes or chemical treatments for the hair! Its a tough commitment, believe me)

  14. Jen Says:

    Ive never donated my hair before, but I love that haircut! How would I explain that hair cut to a stylist? Thanks!

  15. Valerie Says:

    Locks of love then uses that money to support their stated mission. But by selling the hair, they can accept everyones haireven that inappropriate for kids wigs.

    Donated twice: once when my dad lost his hair to radiation therapy (unfortunately, he hated thatalways liked my hair long and was upset enough about losing his own that he didnt like the extra attention, even though I was low-key about it), and a second time with my 6-year-old daughter just before chemo took hers. Happy to report that three years later shes still around and again sporting braid-length, healthy locks of her own! Being able to donate then took the sting out of her loss. She was remarkably pragmatic about being bald (no more static!), though I was scared to tell her about it. She found out in her own research (bone marrow transplant prep books for kids) and accepted the idea with great grace.

  16. Lisa Says:

    It was always one of my To Do Before I Die wishes, to donate my hair to Locks of Love. And I did! I wanted to donate as much as I could, so I ended up with short, chin length hair (stacked in the back) and my kids said, You look like Willy Wonka. My thought was, That cant be good. But I felt so good knowing that my locks were going to a good cause.

    You did a fabulous job with Lindsays hair.

  17. Tarynn Says:

    I always donate mine after each pregnancy and when Dan tells me Im starting to look like a polygamist. Next time you can chop it, okay?

  18. Susie Says:

    I grew my hair just to donate it. I found it very easy to cut it all off because I a) am 5ft2, I look better with short hair, and b) OHMYGOSH IT TOOK AGES TO DRY. Plus it would never stay neat and I usually looked like I had spent the night in a hay stack.
    So yeah, I found not-cutting-it WAY harder than cutting it.

  19. Dawn Says:

    Hi Reagan! You did a fantastic job on Lindseys hair. Whoo Hoo to her for making such a nice donation. My daughter Alexa is growing out her hair for Locks of Love, too. I wish we were closer so you could do the honors.

  20. Jessica Says:

    Ive always wanted to donate, but my hair is highlighted so I cant. I almost did it after my senior year of high school, but I chickened out and only ended up cutting off about 5-6 inches. I wish I had waited a little longer so I could have done the 10 inches for Locks of Love.

  21. Juliette Says:

    Just found your awesome hairstyling blog (my new fav) while looking into donating my hair to Locks of Love. Just wanted to let you know that all of your hairstyling tips/suggestions are amazing and you have such a cute personality. Thanks for the hair inspiration!

  22. Lynne Says:

    My daughter (11 years old tomorrow!) has donated it 4 times since the spring of 2005. 13 inches the first time and 10 inches the other 3 times I wish my hair grew like that!

  23. Jennlm Says:

    I love this style & I think it would actually work on my hair! Easy and pretty!

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  25. Eyebag Says:

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  26. caucasian hair cut Says:

    Hats (rather hair) off to your client for donating hair for charitable cause.

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