Tutorial: Party Bun

Posted in Celebrities, Tutorial on January 9th, 2011 by Reagan

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Quick and beautiful party bun tutorial. Have fun!

This bun was inspired by

23 Responses to Tutorial: Party Bun

  1. hannah Says:

    you are just the cutest thing! ive been doing a version of this for a every day look, high pony tail, braid it, wrap it around. ill have to try this one out next!

  2. Chelsey Ercanbrack Says:

    I adore this!! I tried to do a top knot last month but my hair just looked funny and pointy. This will work and Im gonna rock it in my little town of Spanish Fork, Utah.

  3. brandilyn Says:

    if you someday decide you hate that shirt and never want to wear it againi GUESS you could send it to me. cause im in love with it. :) haha. another great tutorial; i really love these! thank you!

  4. Stephanie Says:

    Im loving these tutorials!

  5. Karen Says:

    Just wanted to say your videos are EPIC! wowzer, the quality and production. love the depth of focus! Didnt know videos could look so good. What kind of camera are you using for these?

  6. Rae Says:

    I really love these tutorials.
    Watching you tease your pony made me realize how long your hair has gotten! ITJ.

  7. Amanda Says:

    Ohmygosh! Teasing! Maybe I just need to TEASE the bejeezus out of my hair!! Buns have always eluded me, regardless of my haircut I have wavy, fine hair, so my ponytails alone are pretty pathetic, much less a decent bun. And now its shaggily layered, so while it looks great down, its worse to pull up.
    Thank you! Im going to go home and teaseteasetease! *crosses fingers*

    LOVE your tutorials!

  8. Amber Says:

    Once againnailed it with an awesome tutorial. Question Why/how is it your eyebrows look like twins and mine look like step-sistersgot any matching tips for me?!

  9. Liz Says:

    I so wish I lived in NYC so you could cut/style my hair! Alas, Ill just have to keep looking in Atlanta. I love these tutorials!

  10. Catherine Says:

    Okay, youre just about the cutest thing I ever saw. Love the tutorials!

  11. Rachel @ Pencil Shavings Says:

    Love it! Fun music, too.

    This style alone is reason for me to grow my hair out. Im currently at chin length; I typically am more of a Michelle Williams pixie cut kind of style, but Ive decided to try something new. its hard to be patient about the growing process.

  12. Kelly Says:


    Confession: Ive never teased my hair! Watching your tutorials is giving me the courage to give it a try. Does teasing damage your hair? Im always so scared that if I tease my hair Ill damage it and put knots in it that Ill have to cut out.

    Can you calm my fears?


  13. shaina Says:

    love love love this!! my favorite part: the little montage at the end. too much fun. your tutorials are terrific. gonna try this for work tomorrow. :) f

  14. amanda Says:

    LOVE your tutorial Videos!!!! Please keep doing them:) And I love little Pip too;)

  15. Katie Says:

    Love love love it!! Your tutorials are the BEST!!!!!

  16. Jenn R Says:

    Fabulous! What about a tutorial for that little bang braid thing that people are doing? Or is that already out of style? I have long, half-grown-out bangs that would be perfect for this but I dont know how to do it.

  17. Rebeka Says:


    it might not be the best picture, but my bun was totally inspired by this :)

    loveee your blog(s)!

  18. funny messages Says:

    I’ll smash up it and position knots in it with the intention of I’ll encompass to cut elsewhere.

  19. Rishi Says:

    If you sooner or later come to a auto repair brampton decision you hate that blouse and never wish for to wear it yet again.

  20. Natalie Says:

    Id love to know where to get a bow like that!

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