Tutorial: Messy Waves

Posted in Celebrities, Tutorial on December 29th, 2010 by Reagan

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Heres our latest tutorial. Ive had several requests for messy waves, and also for Blake Lively waves. So since they are the same thing, here it is! Keep in mind, I like to use the smaller curling iron, but if you want to try different barrel sizes with the same technique, it would be beautiful Im sure. I say the bigger you go, the smaller the sections should be. Enough, lets get messy.

PS I love your tutorial suggestions. If you would like to request a tutorial, email me at hello@hdofblog.com

32 Responses to Tutorial: Messy Waves

  1. Elyse Says:

    I LOVE the glasses and this tutorial. I have wanted a tutorial for Blake Lively forever! Thank you!!

  2. Rae Says:

    I would like a tutorial on how to be as adorable as you Reags!
    For reals though, I loved this tutorial and I NEEEEED to get my hands on one of those curling irons. Im angry at myself right now for not having one. I did my hair curly (as in, mousse and a diffuser-curly, not curling iron-curly) on Monday and *had some seriously great waves yesterday and today with probably the best volume Ive had all year. Now Im dying to add in a few messy waves.

    *Yes, I am tooting my own horn. I think its allowed because I spent 95% of the last two days alone in my apartment because Im unemployed and had ish to do so it was great hair wasted! Boo. :(

    PS Id like to thank Jake for adding the french music because it made me SUPER excited for my trip tomorrow!

    Okay, have I comment blabbed enough? Sheesh. Shut up already Rae.

    Hope to see you soon! :)

  3. Kim Says:

    I love this! I think I will try this tomorrow. I also love your glasses. :)

    I just turned 27 and I already see grays popping up (sad!) so I was wondering what your take was on coloring gray. How many grays should I have before I start dying. Is dying going to make my hair die (ha! ha!) What product should I use or should I just leave it to a pro. Thanks!

  4. amber Says:

    I think you should do a tut. on Fishtail braids and one on a french twist because every time i wear my hair in one or the other people ask. and i am super lazy about my blogand i am so not the hair lady ;)

  5. amber Says:

    I am super good at following instructions toothats why i posted the suggestion here instead of sending and email. WINNER!

  6. Amy Says:

    Did my hair like this today after your tutorial. I have curly hair so it was nice to do an in-between hairstyle for once. I agree with the question about gray hair as I am 24 and have noticed more then a few grays and I am dark brown. I was thinking a full weave?

  7. Caitlin Says:

    Love hot tools :)

    my hair is super straight and super long.
    No natural curl.
    Should I still start the curl 1/2 way down the hairshaft? Or more so where you do by the ears?
    Will super leaving the ends out look super weird with straight hair?

    Maybe I should just try it!

  8. Erin Says:

    I love your curly/wavy hair tutorials because its the easiest way to style when you dont have time to blowdry, which I never do!
    PS. Im not a freak, but your lips are so perfect!

  9. Lee Ann Says:

    hey Reagan, Would you do a tutorial on pony tails. I know, I know! Sounds stupid, but really..I need help. My hair is slightly past my shoulders and curly. When I put it in a pony it looks like.well just a plain old pony tail. I see others though that look so much nicer not like they just went for a run. Oh and also, the braids in the front and down the side. I look like Im 12 all over again when I do it.

  10. G in Memphis Says:

    Love all your blogs!!! I really needed you r tutorial on the waves! I think my hair is similar to yours (color, texture, wave), but a bit longerbtw, I love how you have gone blonder!
    Thanks for all your hints! I am trying for more volume on top like you have shown!

  11. William Cane Says:

    I wish you could give lessons to some of my clients at ManhattanMakeovers.com because they would enjoy learning how to maintain their own hairstyles and how to curl their own hair. Its such a time and money-saver!

  12. Kelvis Says:

    Meg: can Everyone see this?
    Kelly: Yes.
    Meg: Shes FAMOUS!

  13. Amanda V. Says:

    Luv this tutorial! Also, I love your top!

  14. Megan Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I have the kind of hair that needs to be scrunched and diffused to death to make curls that I dont really even like but if I want it to be smooth and straight Ive got to spend forever with the hair dryer and big round brush. When I just dry it the quick way with a brush its big and what I call kinky-hair (translation: not cute). Now I just let it be all kinky and then curl it! I really appreciate your tutorials keep em coming!

  15. Sara Says:

    I have long curly/wavy hair and am always looking for new tips! I love this video and the way you present everything. Thank you so much!

  16. Amanda Says:

    I just had to comment & let you know that I tried this on New Years Eve and it was PERFECT! Your tutorial made it so easy! Thank you! :)

  17. April Says:

    This tutorial had perfect timing! I needed new hair for New Years Eve and this was perfect for my new short hair! I got tons of compliments, and it was super easy! I think you are great. fyi.

  18. brandilyn Says:

    i dont think you could possibly be any more charming! this video was just darling.

  19. bridget Says:

    love it- and this song- love that too- just blogged it this morning (im on a blogging dry spell). thus, im sending ppl to your site though b/c its awesome.

  20. Amanda Blair Says:

    I did my hair like this today and my hair looks very sassy! Im getting my sass on today big time, thanks Reagan!

  21. Carolyn Says:

    Oh my gosh your tutorials are awesome!!! Thank you for posting!!

  22. Aubrey Zaruba Says:

    Thank you hdof. I have been dying for this hair forever.

  23. Taylor Says:

    Youre tutorials are amazing. Im not so good with figuring out how to do my hair, and watching these tutorials has changed my life! Ok, I might be slightly exaggerating, but serious my hair looks a lot better than the choo choo wreck it was before. Thanks a bunch!

  24. Taylor Says:

    *your grr too late for me to be typing.

  25. Jenn R Says:

    Off topic, but where is that cute blue shelf thing in the background from? I need something just like that for my guest room!

  26. britttany danger williams Says:

    ! I JUST discovered your blog and im really happy i did. Im a new stylist (just about to graduate from school, and all these tutorials get me so excited!

  27. Chelsea Says:

    I did this style today for church after watching your tutorial last night! So quick and easy! I didnt use the smoothing gel because my hair is pretty smooth naturally, so I just hair sprayed it to set it! Looks pretty awesome! Thanks for the tutorial Reagan!

  28. ashley Says:

    what is the name of this song?!
    im dying to know

  29. Plancha Pelo ghd Says:

    Dispositivo de bloqueo sencillo, de manera que la plancha de pelo cuando no esté en más compacto, de almacenamiento conveniente.

  30. Julia Says:

    AT LAST I found someone who has the same hair nature as I do! I know this tutorial is very old now, but my hair have the exact length that you had on this one, and also the same texture (not completely curly, wavy). So this tutorial is exactly what I was looking for these days! Thank you Reagan. (I live in France, if one day I come to New York Ill definitely come to your salon and get an awesome haircut!)

  31. Wendy Says:

    if i were to use a curling wand instead will this still work??

  32. Katy Says:

    my hair is naturally curly and its nice to do a hairstyle that shows off your natural hair instead of fighting against the curl! loved doing this hairstyle and it looked great! thank you for sharing this tutorial (:


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