Pretty Curls.

Posted in News on December 22nd, 2010 by Reagan


Im basically obsessed with these messy, but tight curls. Its polished enough for a holiday party if you ask me! Especially with a punch of eye or lip color. Maybe tucked behind one ear and pinned with a little ribbon clip or something like thatnice right?

This is a pretty easy look to achieve. You want to start with some mousse after towel drying, then blow dry all messy-like with your head upside down for volume. Part your hair (not a clean party though, all rough and ragged). Wrap small sections of hair around a 3/4 or 1 inch curling iron, shake it out a little and call it good! Im excited to have long hair again!


(ps I love that blog)

6 Responses to Pretty Curls.

  1. Gita Says:

    Yay for Lithuanian models (and their hair!) Yes, I am too (Lithuanian, not a model.)

  2. Christie Says:

    I have curly hair so I would skip the curling iron. It is getting it straight that is the problem for me. My hairdresser can do a great job blowing it out. I dont have the talent or patience for that so I just wear it curly! Curls rock!

  3. amber Says:

    Love her curls. cant wait until my hair grows back out either. :(

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