Hairy Hats

Posted in News on December 13th, 2010 by Reagan




Last week I bought a faux fur hat. Its so warm and fluffy and comfortable. *Surprisingly, I get a lot of attention in it.compliments and random statements like  thats a big hat, haha.

What do you think about hairy hats?

*I say surprisingly, because I live in NYC. It takes a lot to get noticed here, when you are seeing strange and different things every time you go anywhere!

19 Responses to Hairy Hats

  1. Amanda V. Says:

    I LOVE hairy hats, and I say the bigger the better. You should check out the alpaca hat stand at the Union Square holiday market. They are the biggest, fluffiest, most amazing hats Ive ever seen. Or put on my head.

  2. Roxanne C. Says:

    I agree. i think theyre awesome, and warm and thats what really counts.

  3. Ang Says:

    I like them. I have one. I brought it home from Russia. I love how it looks on me. Sometimes people look at me sideways in itlike, DUDE, its not THAT cold. ha ha.

  4. Rachel Says:

    So, Reags seriously. Are you going to spill where you got that fantastic and big hat? I live in South Dakota. Baby IT IS COLD OUTSIDE!!! Ha! I might need to find one of these, particularly since my fiance and I are crazy and going to get married OUTSIDE in the snow this coming February. I might need that thing!

    Please spill.

    Forever yours,


  5. Danae Says:

    All I can think is STATIC. I think if I ever took it off, my hair would look like I stuck my finger in a light socket, so I personally would avoid them at all costs. I enjoy them on other people, thought they look warm and soft and definitely unusual, so I say, way to make a fashion statement!

  6. Robin Says:

    Luuuuuuuuuuuv them! I have been wearing then for years before they were fashionable. You look swell in yours!

  7. Russanne Says:

    I adore furry hats.

  8. Reagan (the other one) Says:

    I want to pet your hat.
    I think the best part is the little tassle balls. The maker of that hat was smart enough not to put them at boob length.
    Luv ya!

  9. Chelsey Ercanbrack Says:

    I think you, Miss Reagan, can pull anything off. You look adorable!

  10. Natasha Says:

    I love them too!!!They are very popular in Russiaalways!!!And i love the one u have,i was gonna ask u:Where did u get it?;)

  11. Kelvis Says:

    That reminds me of Jimmy Buffets story about Venice Beach. He saw a man, wearing nothing but a fur thong, roller blading. Jimmy said the weird thing was not that there was a roller blading man wearing nothing but a fur thong, but that no one else on the beach seemed to notice or mind.

  12. Amanda Blair Says:

    I am so jeal of your hat!! I went to GAP to buy one and they were sold out, sad day. I love it and I love how warm it looks!

  13. zoe Says:

    im jeal too. where did you get it! hipsters rocking these here and there and everywhere in SF.

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  15. Talia Says:

    I love the hairy hat. I have 4 of them I got in Russia(mine arent faux tho, dont hate me PETA, I just couldnt resist). If you think you get stares in NYC wear it in C.C. next time youre here. Whenever I wear mine here and see peoples faces, I know they are thinking Who is the crazy girl in the fur hat? Is that the Lambeth girl? She has always been weird.

  16. Ashley Says:

    I love the hat and those red pants

  17. Deb Says:

    Heywhat an awsome hat!please give the tip where to get it. I´m in Israel wright now and i can freazing out here. I would love ti have one, so beatiful.
    a lot of Ahava

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