Hair Answers: Thinning your own hair.

Posted in Answers on November 30th, 2010 by Reagan

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Q by fluffy haired Julie: My hair is super, super, super thick and whenever I get it cut, I beg the stylist to thin it out with shears within an inch of its life. That keeps it flat for about 2 days. I finally purchased a pair of awesome thinning shears at Sephora and hacked away at my own hair and didnt see any problem but is this bad? Are there any tricks to using thinning shears that you can tell me? Should I stop doing this to myself and just see a stylist every week?

A by Reagan: Here is what I have to say about thinning your own hairYou are walking dangerous territory, FHJ. Dangerous. Please stop. Ok?

Here is what might be happening (in my expert opinion). Youre overly thinning your hair. You are creating lots of short hairs at the root which are then making a perfect volumizing cushion for the rest of your hair to poof off of.Β  The short hairs arent weighed down at all since there isnt enough length to pull them down, so they are springing up, making your hair bigger. You are doing to your hair, what I do to women who have pixie cuts, and men who have faux hawks, when I want their hair to stand up on its own. To take out the weight in the ends, I texturize (by thinning) it so that it will stand straight up. Im not sure if this makes sense to you, it is a little hard to explain.

My best advice to you, if you are planning on thinning youre own hair, is to do it no more than every 3 or 4 weeks. Because you are just going to make chaos in your hair and destroy your stylists cut if you do it more often than that.

Here are a few tips for thinning your own hair:
1. Dont thin any higher than half-way up the hair shaft.
2. Take small sections.
3. Start out doing the underneath part of your hair, thin each section starting half-way up, then gradually as you move towards the top section of your hair, thin farther down on the hair shaft. (for example, the hair growing out of the top of your head, will only be thinned on the ends. The hair growing underneath, will be thinned a little higher up.).

Also FHJ, dont be so quick to grab the thinning sheers every time you have huge hair. It could be that you need a heavier conditioner to weigh down your thick locks, or maybe you just need to smooth it out with a blow dryer or flat iron!

Good luck, and thanks for your question!

10 Responses to Hair Answers: Thinning your own hair.

  1. Julie Says:

    YIKES, thanks for answering! You are the best!

  2. kim Says:

    eeps! I have insanely thick hair that is now manageable thanks to my amazing stylist who texturizes the heck out of it sans thinning shears, but heres a horror story thats kind of funny now that i look back: i went to this cool and modern salon Bubbles, which is apparently a chain, now that I know and I totally left with a mullet. WTF? So I took matters into my own hands and in the shower, used my razor (uh, yeah, my regular razor) and gave myself a razor cut. I am pretty shocked that I made it out alive, and I promptly made an appointment the next day with the stylist I randomly chose but now swear by.

  3. Brittney Says:

    Can you do a tutorial on texturizing faux hawks? I cut my husbands hair in a faux hawk, but maybe I should invest in some thinning shears to help his hair stand up better thanks for the idea.

  4. Ben Bowling Says:

    It is possible to thin ones hair if a certain look is desired. I would recommend the assistance of a professional hairstylist that can make sure that while the total look of the hair is compatible to the persons face as well as making sure that there is an actual style. For more information on quality hair salon services please visit my website.

  5. Christina Says:

    I have really fine hair, but I used to have a lot of it. Now its getting super thin but only toward the bottom. My hair has started breaking off about 2 inches from my scalp, but a lot is still growing in. I dont do anything particularly awful to it. I dont color it, i just blowdry and straighten the frizzies. (I use boilage shampoo, and its a 10 cond, and leave in cond) All the hairdressers I go to say that its crazy and they havent seen anything like itHave you? Any advice?? Thanks!

  6. amber Says:

    Thanks for the tip on thinning for faux hawksmy brother loves his but he has wavy hair so it was hard to get it to stand up without a lot of product.thinned it and its awesome now!! He thanks you too.

  7. Lena Says:

    I used to have the same problem then i figured out that if you comb the section of hair as you flat iron (or hold your comb in front of your flat iron and comb as you go(does this make sense?))your hair stays thinner for longer

  8. Keriann Says:

    My 5 year old has super thin hair and I feel like it breaks really easy too. Are there any products you can use or things you can do that will actually help your hair grow in thicker. Her hair used to be thicker and when she was 3 she got a hold of some scissors and really chopped it to pieces. Since then it hasnt been the same, so sad. Any recommendations you have would be appreciated, Thanks!

  9. Cristina Says:

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