Hair Answers: Best cut for very thin hair

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Q by Claire: ***I have totally thin hair but I don’t want my hair shorter than ponytail length. Which cut is best for me? Also, I live in Australia. DBJ.

A by Reagan: Not to get all mushy on your Australian a’, but my heart really goes out to people with super duper thin hair. It is hard to feel beautiful when you aren’t happy with your hair. I have some really good tips for you though, Claire! So get pumped!

Tip number one-Get a trim often. Really thin hair tends to lose it’s shape much faster than thick hair. Keeping your ends trimmed up will make it look fuller.

Tip number two-Blunt cuts are best. Don’t let anyone use a razor or texturizing sheers on you. Avoid point cutting too. You want your ends blunt so that it doesn’t look stringy.

Tip number three-Avoid too many layers. It will make the length thinner. You can have long layers if you insist, but nothing shorter than an inch or two above the length.

Tip number four-Bangs (fringe) are awesome. I really try to talk my super thinnies out of lots of layers, like I was saying in tip three, so a straight, square cut with bangs makes for a nice style. Bangs prevent your cut from looking boring, and gives you a beautiful shape. There are many lengths and ways to wear bangs, so find something that you like with your face shape. A round face looks better with sweepy bangs.

Tip number five-Clip in extensions. You could also go for more permanent extensions, but those are very expensive and have to be redone every few months. I have clients who clip in a couple of rows when they go out, and it creates so much fullness. Remember, you can get extensions the same length as your hair if you don’t want your hair longer. Just a few rows will make a big difference. Give it a try!

Here are a few pictures of the ideal thinny hair cut.

Nicol Richie has extremely thin hair. This haircut is perfect for her. She has extensions all over the place for thickness, even in her bangs! I can tell, cause it’s my job to tell.

Agyness Deyn has a very similar cut, but shorter and with a heavier fringe. This look will be best between her length, and just an inch or two past your shoulders. You don’t have to have super short hair just because it’s thin!

***I wrote my own question for Claire, just to get to the point. Don’t be offended, Claire. I want you to be my friend, and one day I’m going to make it down to Australia.

ps, I give up with the pictures. no matter how I try, they never center properly. Boo.

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  1. Lynne Says:

    Where do you recommend buying good clip in extensions (online vs. in store) and can you recommend a good reliable brand?

  2. Kiki Says:

    Ditto for me on Lynne’s question. :)

  3. Non-Mommy Says:

    I have really thin hair as well, and it can be frustrating. I have a good cut, it gives me more body and volume, but I feel like I’ll be stuck with the same basic haircut for the rest of my life! I do have a question, though. I use those volumizing/texturizing powders at times. Are those healthy for your hair? I was wondering if they can secretly do damage to the precious hairs I already have haha.

    Thanks for an awesome blog!

  4. Amy Says:

    What about thin curly hair? I’m white with white girl textured curls. I mostly have stuck to shoulder length with layers to avoid a pyramid effect, but do you have any good pictures of cuts for this kind of hair?

  5. April Says:

    So good to know. Tatums hair is getting better, but the last time I got her hair cut, they put layers in it, and that must be why it is bugging me so bad! Thanks!

  6. Tamara from Delish Mag Says:

    Could you do a post on very THICK hair? I’ve got it (we’re talking a ponytail like a thick, strong, woven rope) and I am never sure what to do with all this hair. I recently had layers cut in and it’s growing long with these lovely layers. I am getting to the point I always do though, when I am considering a bob. And then I grow THAT out and have a triangular helmet. Please talk me off of this ledge.


    Thank you!!

  7. melissa Says:

    I’ll echo Tamara’s request. My super-thick hair is long & layered (lightly) at the ends. But even still, I often end up looking like I have long, one-length hair in a big triangle. Is my only solution to clamp it with the flat iron every few days? I feel like I’m going to fry my hair that way! Any thick-hair cut advice appreciated.

  8. Lindsay Says:

    Can you do a blog about thin hair and perms? I have been trying to decide if the damage is worth the curls! The curls would be worth it if they make my hair look thicker. Thanks :)

  9. priya Says:

    my hairs are long and thin and i want a nice haircut.

  10. Janice Says:


    Since having my son last year i have lost some of my hair and I have been quite self conscious about it. I found products online, a fibre thing that seems to stick to your hair. I use it in the morning and wash it out at night. Its great, its given me my confidence back. Ive seen a new product Hairmaker ( that show a product that i believe is coming in cheaper than its competition.

    If you’ve got thinning hair id try it, you’ve got nothing to loose and you wont believe how natural it looks. has some demonstrations and if you type hairmaker into google you will see some youtube videos that are worth watching. Its brilliant, When i go out i don’t feel self conscious anymore.

  11. Ashley Says:

    Hi, I have thin hair but also curly hair so alot of this doesn’t fit me so much. I can’t grow out my hair because than it gets flat on the top while big and curly on the bottom like poodle ears. I want bangs but I don’t want a big blob of curls i’m afraid they will look weird like only stay in one spot of my forehead instead of spread out. I usually stay safe and just cut my hair and get some long layers and never a style. I’m in high school so if I get a really bad haircut i’m gonna be laughed at. Can anyone help me with this I have hair thats about chest length. My hair isn’t super curly but more wavy curly.

  12. Anushka Says:

    I have a similar problem as Ashley ….

  13. Clara McWilliams Says:

    Ive bought this stuff called HairMaker BUILD a couple of weeks ago and its incredible. If you’ve lost your hair, its its thinning like mine the you should try it. Its just incredible. The colour works and i look like I have a full thick head of hair. Its like a dream come true. Its cheap and easy to use and im amazed. check out their website at

  14. Amulet Says:

    It’s funny you talk about getting a blunt cut without layers when the Nicole Richie pic has the opposite.

  15. Gracen Pond Says:

    The best place to get extensions is Sally Hansen Beauty Supplies, and get the Euronext 100% Remy hair. it is the best brand i have ever used and you can order it online or in the store (i’ve done both). It’s good quality human hair that comes in many lengths, styles, and colors.

  16. Subreena Says:

    Im having very bad hairfall..i wana cut n change my hairstyle to look nice for me..but i have no idea…i dun want to cut my hair too short ..pls advise

  17. Max Says:

    This is a very good article on people with thin hair (although I’m not a big fan of Nicole Richie)

    I don’t know if you ladies have heard about the new product from AVEDA called invati. It’s suppose to reduce hair loss and thicken hair. Check it out below.

  18. thin hair products Says:

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  19. Jason Neman Says:

    Hi! thanks for such a great article. I hope that you might be able to write articles about hair loss. This can help those who are suffering from hair loss and can’t bring style to their hair. I enjoyed your posts a lot.

  20. CiCi Says:

    Hi. I’ve been dealing with my hair thinning since I’m in my 20′s…now in my 40′s. It is beyond frustrating and so very depressing. So hard to work with this hair day in and day out, so I pray for the best hair cut to give me as much fullness as possible, not shorter than shoulder length (to appear longer) and for the texture to feel as thick as it possibly can. I have tried everything over the years…various hair styles, perms, body waves (not for curls, just for fullness), color, hair enhancements…tried many, many products that claim to thicken thin hair, most of them very disappointing, making the texture even worse. I finally found product that works pretty well for me. But, as for the cut, I just cannot get the right texture each and every haircut is stressful, as I never know what I will come home with. I am thinking of trying one of the above suggestions and going to Sally’s to get some clip ons to try for some extra fullness. Any suggestions for any hair dressers on Long Island that are experts in hairstyles for thin hair. I think someone who is really knowledgeable in this area, could be just what I need to try.

  21. Bella Disuja Says:

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