Hair Answers: Damaging buns?

Posted in Answers on November 10th, 2010 by Reagan

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Q by Stacie: Ok, so heres my question.  My hair is dry and color-treated and fairly long (about 5ish inches past my shoulders).  I end up putting my hair up in a bun nearly every day, not a pulled super tight bun and I do use only bobby pins to secure it.  I feel like maybe Im further damaging my hair by wearing it up so often, what do you think?  I get regular trims and everything but I am just feeling guilty about the breakage I might be causing.  So, should I be feeling guilty about this or should I reserve my guilty feelings for other things, like my kids cavities?

A by Reagan: Im no dentist, but I say, worry about your kids cavities before worrying about bun damage. If the bun is causing any damage, it would be pretty minimal. Unless you are using those old fashioned hair ties with the little metal connecting piece, youre probably ok wearing your hair up every day, especially if its up loosely. You want to avoid twisting it too tight when you can (even wet, its so bad to wring out your wet hair by twisting!), so a loose bun is fine.

When youre looking at what your hair goes through every day, there is damage everywhere! From the collar of your shirt, pulling it up, the sun, polution, too much brushing, playing with it (holler if thats youHolla!), etc. These are all kind of hard to avoid, so I just try to do the most important things to keep it healthy. Avoid too much chemical processing, avoid too much heat and keep it trimmed up.

A bun isnt going to kill you Stace. And lookie here! I wear a bun too!

Thanks for your question Stacie. Nice buns!

8 Responses to Hair Answers: Damaging buns?

  1. Stacie Says:

    THANK YOU!!! You are THE best :)

  2. Kristin Says:

    I got the Marcel curling iron after you posted about it and I love it. You say to avoid too much heat, but how much is too much? I have been curling at least 2 or 3 days a week sometimes more.

  3. Krista Says:

    Can you do a tutorial on how to DO that bun? I havent been able to get my hair to stay with just bobby pins, but maybe Im doing it wrong. I have hair that is fine, but it is thick so it seems to slip out of stuff easily.

  4. Ashleigh Says:

    I would love a tutorial too on how to do that bun. My bun never stays when I just use bobby pins!

  5. Stine Says:

    Dear HDOF, can I cut the hair of my 1,5-year-old by myself or should i go to a hairdresser? (Im not sure if the little one will accept a stranger with scissors). Hes got curly fine hair.

  6. Kristi Says:

    as a bun girl myself, id like to take this opportunity to tell you how unbelievably ingenious the Goody Spin Pin is for tight buns, messy buns and buns everywhere in between. could perhaps be THE most awesome bun securing invention EVER.

    check it out at Walgreens:

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  8. Tasha Says:

    I put my hair in a bun everyday and i dont see any damage due to it


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