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This is an old question that I have been waiting to answer until the weather is colder. Because colder means dryer, and dryer means more static. Since I waited so long to answer this question, I cant find it! So, to who asked this question, Im sorry if I dont answer it specifically enough, since I cant remember everything you wrote. Ill just make something up..

Q by Static Stephie: Help! My hair gets super static-y during the winter and I cant stand it or get dates.

A by Reagan: This happens to me all the time. Especially since I wear a wool pea coat in the winter. I swear I look like a crazy person some days. So, definitely the dryness in the air creates a lot of static, so you want to keep your hair properly moisturized. I have found that using finishing oils and serums do the trick for the most part. I recommend this one.

If that doesnt do the trick, or if you dont want to buy any new products (or presents for your hair), you can simply use a dryer sheet! It does wonders. The only reason I wouldnt say to do this first, is because dryer sheets were made for laundry, not hair. And while Im not sure of any bad effects it will have on your hair, I only use it when things are really bad. K?

First try rubbing the sheet in your hands, then run your hands over your hair. You can do it in a petting way rather than a combing way. Plus petting your hair has got to be good for its self esteem. If that isnt doing the job, run the actual dryer sheet down your hair shaft until it is sufficiently de-static-ed. It will work. I prom.

Love ya. Happy winter! (soon)

PS if we have time this weekend, we are going to film a Blake Lively Tutorial! I doubt well have time, but I just want you on the edge of your office chairs. One is coming. Hooray.

11 Responses to Hair Answers: Hair Static

  1. Rae Says:

    Oh man, the New York winters are ridiculous for static-y hair! I always do the dryer sheet trick, or if Im at work or something, Ill rub lotion into my hands and then run them over my hair.
    I think this year Im going to try some of that Moroccan Oil though, I hear its divine!

  2. Becki D. Says:

    Dryer sheets are also good fly repellent. True story. We use em on the horses.

    Hows that for some randomness?

  3. Kari Says:

    I use this really posh trick of taming static: I lick my hand and pet my hair. Sometimes I do that to the inside of my skirt if its staticky. Staticy. Static-y?

  4. brandilyn Says:


  5. Katy Says:

    You read my mind! I totally wanted to send you a question about static hair (maybe I did and I dont remember it?). I get it bad in the winter and I thought it was just the climate (Memphis) or my scarves/coats. It seems that, this winter, Frizz-Ease and I are going to be BFFs again.

  6. Amanda Says:

    I have really fine, but thick hair all serums seem to be too heavy. Ive tried using less (a teeeeeensy dab), but Ive found that either I still get static, or my hair I put serum in it.


    I can validate that the dryer sheet technique, works, though!

  7. tammy Says:

    Yay! I have Moroccan oil! I am doing something right!

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  10. Shera Says:

    I live in Vegas and because of the desert it makes my hair super dry too. I condition my hair everyday, but only shampoo every 2nd or 3rd day. It helps with the static.

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