Hair Answers: Cleaning up your own ends

Posted in Answers on October 15th, 2010 by Reagan

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Q by Stephanie: Currently I cannot afford to get my hair trimmed by my stylist. (My hair is suffering!)  This means that Im finding heaps of split ends. (seriously suffering!)  is it bad to trim them off, one by one?

A by Reagan: Stephanie, Stephanie, Stephanie.Of course its bad. Question answered.

I have a hunch youre going to do it anyway. Lets talk about this a little bit.

Youre supposed to get your hair cut every 8-10 weeks, but I know getting your hair cut is expensive. Personally, I think it should be treated like a hospital procedure (importance-wise, not scary-wise). Its like this, youre supposed to get your teeth cleaned and examined every year, and thats pretty important, right? Lets say getting your hair cut is that important, except lets switch every year for every 8-10 weeks (12 weeks if you are one of those gifted healthy hairies). Some of my over-achiever clients come like every 3 or 4 weeks, and they get gold stars after the cut. Gold stars=blow outs.

Anyway, my point is, to keep your hair healthy, you need to trim it regularly. And I guess if you refuse to do that (shame on you), its probably not the worst thing to snip away at your own split ends. Otherwise they are going to start breaking off higher and higher, until youre like what the what? my hair totally stopped growing!. Which isnt true, but it does appear to stop growing due to the consistant breaking off of damaged ends.

Dang, you guys are going to make me very hated with your stylists.

So, while Im not exactly giving you my blessing on this one, I have been too poor for a haircut in my lifetime. Now I can be too poor for everything and still have my haircut, hooray. If you really cant get in for a trim, go ahead and do some little snippies on your dry hair to tide you over. But when you sit in your stylists chair, and he/she screems out My haircut, my beautiful haircut. What has this world come to? you might want to find a new stylist, because yours is super dramatic.

But for reals. The worst thing that can happen if you cut your own hair, is that your haircut will lose its original shape or become uneven.

Dont forget to blame someone else if your stylist gets mad. This is our secret, Stephanie.

(unless youre my client. in that case HANDS OFF!)

7 Responses to Hair Answers: Cleaning up your own ends

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Reagan- Thank you for answering my question! I mean, Iwasaskingforafriend. Heehee.
    Shame on me. Ill go find all of my change and see what I come up with. Then Ill call my stylist.
    Seriously though, Ive learned so much from your blog. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and answering our questions! I may be sending you more.


  2. Kelly Says:

    I know this isnt the best thing to do, but when Ive been strapped for cash in the past Ive gone to places like Great Clips and just asked for them to trim up my currently style. Does it look great? Absolutely not. But its $15 and it looks better than a head full of split ends.

  3. Amanda Says:

    I just found your blog and LOVE it! I have been cutting my own hair for a long time now, but always just the ends nothing fancy- would totally mess that up. LOL
    Maybe I dont do it often enough though because it does seem my hair has stopped growing. Is it really due to the fact its just breaking?

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