Hair Answers: Coloring during pregnancy

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Q by Emily: Can I dye my hair while pregnant? How dangerous is it? Ive heard varying opinions and am interested to hear yours.

A by Reagan: Emily, I think youre right to question this. There are many opinions out there and its hard to know where to side. In fact, I had a client who I thought was going to get into a screaming match with a pregnant woman who was touching up her highlights about a year ago. That was a the closest I ever came to having a heart attack at work. (and the closest I ever came to divorcing a client)

Here is my answer. I think its safe to color your hair while youre pregnant. The truth is, haircolor used to be made with harmful ingredients, like lead. Lead, can you believe it? No wonder there is still so much confusion. I really dont blame people for being afraid, or even for choosing not to color their pregnant strands. But really, youll be fine.

If youre still too scared, but dont want to stop coloring, here are a few tips to help you out.

~Avoid on the scalp processes. Anything with foils wont be touching the scalp, and so if you are worried about something seeping into your blood stream or pores, this is the way to go.
~Avoid coloring in the first trimester. Most pregnant women are sensitive to smells. Having color done might bother your snout. Get plenty of fresh air.

I know of some colorists who will not take pregnant clients, which I think is likely for legal precautions, so keep that in mind if you are turned away.  And as always, talk to your Dr. if you are having doubts. What is your opinion?

*This episode of hair answers is strictly HDOFs opinion. Although Ive done some research myself, and spoken with several colorists about the issue, I am not a scientist or a doctor and should not be used as a main source for health/pregnancy advice. Please dont sue me is what Im getting at.

7 Responses to Hair Answers: Coloring during pregnancy

  1. Taylor K Says:

    I am a doula, and everything Ive read on the topic makes me think that its fine. Especially if youre in a well ventilated area.

  2. Marie Says:

    I went to beauty school the entire time I was pregnant with my son (I graduated just a week before I had him). I colored my hair and a lot of other peoples and I wasnt too worried about it. I sure did get a lot of heck from people who felt strongly about doing ANYTHING even remotely questionable during your pregnancy. I just feel like you feel so yucky during pregnancy that getting your hair done can make you feel so much better! Im mean even with cankles and feeling like a beached whale I still had fabulous hair! :)

  3. Kate Says:

    Wow. Cant believe someone would get turned away by a colorist for this reason. Seems like a personal choice to me. I think youd be hard pressed to find a lawsuit where the plaintiff won against her colorist (and not a dye company) over something like this. Not that Ive looked into it, Im just sayin.

  4. Raysha Says:

    I worked in an OB office and the doctors I worked with told their patients that the only thing harmful is the fumes if you are not in a well ventilated area. So, make sure its well ventilated and color away!!

  5. Andrea Gilberg Says:

    love the disclaimer at the end. You rock!

  6. amber Says:

    this has nothing to do with pregnancy, but I was reading something about nicole richie today and she was all I get a blow out because my hair is really curly and frizzy, and I am very self conscious about it i felt cool because I knew what that was thanks to you!

  7. Stilisimo Says:

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