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Posted in Celebrities on September 17th, 2010 by Reagan

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I wanted to quickly write about flat irons again. A lot of people are wondering about how to prevent damage from flat ironing. Many of my clients are surprised to find out that you arent really supposed to use a flat iron to straighten the hair. Flat irons are a finishing tool. Your hair is supposed to have already been blow dried straight, and just smoothed over with a flat iron. Going over and over the same section with an iron is going to torch anybodys hair, its just not what they are made for!

Here is my best advise for someone who wants the straight look:

After showering, towel dry your hair. Put a protective product in it like a leave in conditioner, a protein spray, or a straightening syrem. If youre not in a rush, let your hair air dry until its about 80% dry, or as close to that as possible.  Then blow dry sections of your hair using a flat brush to get it straight. Using a blow dryer with a nozzle will help it get more smooth and straight. Please try your hardest not to touch your hair with the point of the blow dryer. It is so bad for your hair, and it will burn your brush I admit, sometimes I do it on accident myself when the hair isnt staying on the brush, as a reaction, but try to avoid this. We are trying to prevent damage, k?

After my hair is blow dried, I assess whether it needs flat ironing or not. Which is usually not. My hair is naturally wavy/curly so of course it doesnt take the amount of work to straighten that some peoples hair needs. Also, I have loads of experience with blow drying every hair type, and if youre not able to get it at first, you shouldnt feel bad. Its a skill that you have to work hard for!

I use my flait iron for making curls more than anything else. It might also be because I like big-full hair! Big like Dolly.

Ok, did we learn something today? What tips have you learned for blow drying your own hair? Would you guys like a blow drying tutorial?

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  1. Kat Says:

    I would love a tutorial about how to blowout my own hair! It always looks so easy when my hair stylist does it, but when I try to do it myself it takes forever and it never looks as good. Whats the secret?

  2. LT Says:

    Can I say that I love your blog? love. After reading your blog post about how to deal with naturally wavy/curly hair from earlier in the summer, I embraced my curls this summer and it has been great. Ill probably go back to blow drying it straight sometimes though, so I would love a blow drying tutorial. Really, a straightening tutorial would be great, showing the best way to use the flat iron after drying too.

    Question I use one of those plastic nozzles on the tip of my blow dryer that is pointed, is it bad to touch your hair with that too? BTW I have one of those Chi Rocket blow dryers that has totally been worth the extra $$.


  3. Megan Says:

    Yes to the blow drying tutorial, please!!!

  4. amy a. Says:


  5. Rae Says:

    I would kill to be able to blow dry my hair straight. Kill. Honestly. Especially because since I went straight my hair doesnt have nearly the body it did when it was long (a problem I NEVER thought Id have.) My hair used to be able to get huge and now.not so much. Tear.
    Can we work on this next cut? (PS I know Im overdue. Dont think Im hair stylist cheating, Im just trying to grow it a bit. And I KNOW that means I need to cut it. Ill make an appointment ummaybe in a month?)

  6. Kari Says:

    I was just thinking today I should look up a blow drying tutorial. So my answer is yes.

  7. Mia Says:

    ooh, i would love a tutorial as well!! i would very much like to master straightening my hair with a blow dryer instead of my flat iron. oops! i had NO idea that wasnt what it was intended for!! :) thanks girl!

  8. Kath Says:

    Yes, yes, yes to the blow dry tutorial! Please!

  9. Stacie Says:

    Yes, yes, yes to the blow drying tutorial! I, too, have been embracing my naturally wavy hair because getting it straight was too time consuming & I dont think my technique was helping the situation. Thanks for helping me get better hair!

  10. kati Says:

    id love a tutorial, altho ive pretty much gotten blow drying my own hair down to a science. i think im pretty damn good at it :)

  11. carolyn Says:


    And ditto the question about whether the plastic nozzle attachment touching your hair is ok or not.

  12. dawn Says:

    yes yes please, when i blow dry my hair i always ALWAYS miss the back and its not straight. blah. im super awful at blow drying my hair, so i skip the blow dryer, air dry and just straighten my hair

  13. Jane Says:

    I <3 your website, Reagan. Just wondering what is the best hairdryer to use? I have hair very similar to yours. I mostly leave it curly but wondering what dryer is best to smooth out the curls when I need too.

  14. Marie Says:

    Yes please. I love, love, love your blog!

  15. Meredith Says:

    I often flip it upside down and brush and blow dry. That helps to get it straighter and for fullness.

  16. brandilyn Says:

    YES PLEASE for a blow dry tutorial! it would be awesome if you showed us how to blow dry our own hairbecause my hairdresser always makes it look fab in like 30 seconds and i can never duplicate it myself. heeellP!

  17. Kiki Says:

    Yes, tutorial please! And same question as LT and Carolyn about the plastic attachment on end of dryer touching hair. You are a great resource! Love ya!

  18. Mandy Says:

    Yes please on the tutorial! Also how you use a flat iron for curls.

  19. jkziel Says:

    I NEED a blow drying tute. I have natural wavy hairreally quite curly under and straight (almost, not all the way) on top. I hate it, please, why couldnt I have been given all curly or all straight or how about nice natural waves all over? No, I have a mix of both and I blow dry before I straighten, but I never can quite get it. My stylist is super sweet and has given me some tips and product that she likes to use on my hair, but still, I cant quite get it, once I go over it with a flat iron it is passable, but not perfect.

  20. Rachel Says:

    I would super love to see a blow-drying tutorial, because no matter how many times I have asked and been shown by stylists over my lifetime, I always forget.

    I currently roundbrush my longish wavy hair. Its not as wavy as yours (or as it was pre-children isnt that weird?) but it still takes some time. I wonder if I should be using a flat brush instead. Well, crap, then Id have to learn how to use that, too!



    PS: Love the Pip!

  21. Kathy Says:

    Yes, Id love a tutorial on blow drying! I know I just need practice but Im sure a few more pointers would be wonderful. My hair is pretty wavy (kind of like yours but I live in Denver where its dry so sometimes it just pulls straight in awkward spots) and BIG. It actually seems to get much bigger when I blow dry (with a round brush) so I need HELP and practice!

  22. Sharon Moore Says:

    YES PLEASE! Youre awesome. Thank you.

  23. Pitts31Teri Says:

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  24. Angela Says:

    I must admit I have never heard this before. It is an intriguing idea for sure. What advice might you have for people like me who have natural African American hair (4a/4b)? Is it possible for a non stylist to get their hair that straight at home with just a blow dryer? Id be interested to hear your tips.


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