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Posted in Answers on September 9th, 2010 by Reagan

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Q by Carolyn: Does razor cutting make your ends more likely to split and get damaged? I like the look, but I always feel like my layers grow out fluffy after a razor cut.

A by Reagan: Yes and No.

Yes, when youre comparing it to regular scissor cutting. No when youre comparing it to no cutting at all. Any cutting is good for your hairs health, but using a razor does thin your ends out, so when heat styling or chemical treatments start to get to it, your already thin ends will split faster than they would had they been blunt cut. But a razor isnt damaging. Especially a very sharp razor. Razoring is a great way to add texture to your hair cut, and it can make styling so much easier depending on what type of cut you actually have. It can make your hair hold curl better and blow drying easier and faster, its a great technique.

Razor cuts are good for people who get their hair cut often, or who have short hair. If you are the -I get my haircut three times a year if that- person, Id say skip the razor cut. Unless your stylist is using it on your fringe (bangs) or front angles.  Some of my short haired clients who I use a razor on say they go much longer between cuts because it grows out so nicely. So it is also very much a matter of preference.

What do you all think about razor cuts?

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  1. kati Says:

    when they are good they are very very good but when they are bad they are horrid :)

  2. A Modest Girl's Public Confessions Says:

    That is good to know! I have a question. What do you think is the best cut for long curly hair? I think Ive always gotten cuts intended for straight hair, but now I mostly wear my hair curly and want a haircut tailored to curly hair. Im thinking it would involve some razoring or random layering all over even short ones on the top layers for added volume and curl. Can you recommend something?

  3. amy a. Says:

    Ive only had bad experience with razors, so when the stylist starts to bring one out, I say no way, thank you anyway. I have always looked choppy, and not in a chic, cute way. In a butchered way. No bueno, razor!

  4. jessica Says:

    @a modest girl-lorraine massey(THE curly girl) says never never use a razor on curly hair because it will make it frizzier. I have had some razor cutting before when I was wearing my curls short, & it was fine on the straighter parts(ie: the bottom of my hair)-I didnt really like the overall effect on my hair elsewhere. Im in the same situation as you, growing out my curls, looking for someone to cut them correctly. The best curl cut I ever had was a woman who was trained in Germany & cut my hair dry & freshly washed. She cut into the curls individually to lighten the weight a little(like splitting the curl into 2 pieces then only cutting the top so it would still blend, just be springier), but you could never ever wear a haircut like that straight. Thats my two cents :D

  5. Amy Says:

    I have always had short hair (think pixie to shoulder-ish) and get a mix between a scissor cut and a razor cut. My stylist does the initial cut with scissors and then goes back with the razor for texture and for the nape of my neck (so its not a harsh line). Ive never had it turn out badly and it feels kinda cool. ;)

  6. Rachelle Says:

    I have curly (or at least it was), long hair and a stylist razor cut it and I only go maybe four times a year and it has been RUINED every since. My hair does not curl right and wont grow because the ends are completely shot. It looks terrible and no matter what I do I cant get my curls back. I would heed the advice and ONLY get a razor cut if your hair is short and you go often. DONT do it otherwise or like me youll spend three years trying to fix it! I am STILL trying to fix the mess on my hair three years later

  7. Sokina Says:

    Rachelle totally agree! Crazy razor hair dresser butchered my hair the day before my graduation, I looked like a bafoon! My hat did not even help! I MISS my long thick hair soooo much :(

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  10. Ariey Says:

    Okay, what if my hair is naturally curly, but I usually have it straightened? Would it still be damaging even though I do Conditioning hair treatments about every other Friday or Saturday?My hair is like really, REALLY thick too, so I sorta need to have it thinned a little

  11. Jen Says:

    hi razor folks-
    i came by because i had a razor cut *last* summer (as in one calendar year ago) and although its cute, easy to blow dry, easy to curl, and gets all sorts of love from folks, it secretly gives me the panic dreams because it *has not* grown back in the places that were razored. sincerely, the long pieces grew long and the razored pieces are little stumpy guys throughout. also, my normally thick hair is really thin.
    is there hope for me?? will it ever grow back?? should i just shave it all and start again from scratch??
    thank you.

  12. tRACY Says:


  13. Yo Says:

    I have thin-thin hair & last cut I got dont know WHY she razor cut it & it looks HORRIBLE. There are so many fly aways & the tips get scortched with heat. I hate it & want someone to save me, but its already too short. Wa!! Next time I see a stylist come at me with a razor, Im gonna jump her like detective Stabler on Law & Order.

  14. kim wiggins Says:

    Dont do it my hair is still not right

  15. Annie Says:

    The most interesting haircut of my lifeI had to go to Scottsdale to visit a relative who just moved there. I didnt have time to get my haircut before I left so I walked into this random salon in a random strip mall and asked for whoever could cut my hair that minute. Since there were only 2 stylists there and only one old lady in a chair in the Salon (scary) I took the only one available. I didnt know what I wanted except to shape it a bit and make it easier to blow out. SHe cut it first and then started razoring it. I thought I was going to have a heart attack because it looked like she was hacking the hell out of my hair. But when she was doneand I mean she was FAST, I had the most incredible haircut of my life. It was so good I didnt even have to blow it out or put a lot of product in it. I could literally just wash and wear it. Its a medium short length and it lasted and held its shape for 2 months! People I didnt even know back home in NY wanted to know who cut my hair. Her name is Audrey and she is at Salon Picasso. (I kept her card in case I ever got back there). I think you need to have someone who really knows what they are doing. She did. No one else has since :(

  16. Babs Says:

    Dear Yo:

    I sympathize. I have waited almost two years for my hair to grow after a stylist razor cut it (while my hair was dry). I went after the stylist by reporting her to an Office of Investigation and they sent a woman employee from this entity to talk to the salon. I am waiting to hear if the Division of Professional Licensure is in my favor and what will happen with the said salon.
    When I heard the word razor I should have freaked, got out of my seat, and told this strange female stylist, I think I am in the wrong salon.

  17. Mandy Says:

    Annie I agree! People complaining about razor cutting- I am sorry for your bad experience You must have had someone that was not familiar with the technique of razor cutting. I,myself, only get my haircut with a razor! You have to go to a good,Reputable salon and ask the stylist if they are experienced with razor cutting- even go as far as asking the manager who they recommend to do a razor cut ( you can also get your regular scissor cut then have the stylist go over it with the razor to texturizing it. I just LOVE how the razor cuts have my hair lay. I have long THICK hair and it thins it out just right and I do not go in to get my hair cut every 6-8weeks as many stylist recommend. I have the razor comb at home but have not been brave enough to trim up my own hair . I really believe that the people who have had bad experiences just had a BAD stylist that did not know how to razor cut! They also say to never razor dry hair but I have seen MANY high end salons and videos on YouTube with stylist of the stars (Vidal Sassoon and Paul Mitchell) razor cut clients with DRY hair I believe its better to do it dry (straightened or curly-however you wear your hair) cause then you see how it is going to lay When you do it wet you cant see that. Anyway Just wanted to share. Sorry about all of your luck- that really sucks to have a hair dresser butcher your hair ( I have been there -just not with a razor cut and I pray I never do!) maybe give the razor cut another chance- just go to a more upscale salon with someone Experienced with using a razor cause there IS a technique! Be Blessed : )

  18. kelly Says:

    good rule of thumb. when getting a razor cut if the stylists elbow is moving they are too heavy handed with the razor, only the fingertips should be controlling the razor.

  19. Annie Says:

    My hair is thin, very fine, and has a bit of a wave. I went in for a trim yesterday and the stylist started with scissors and finished up with a razor while my hair was still wet. Today, it looks like she missed most of the weight in the back I asked her to lop off, its not even, and still looks like I havent had a cut in months because the ends are so frayed and fly-away. Never again!

  20. Lily Says:

    Do not get razor cut. I had hair touching my lower back healthy and thick. I would get compliments from strangers. Then my bimbo hair dresser came alone and shredded it with a razor behind my back (literally). I have uneven frizzy looking layers from my shoulder to my mid back and my hair is not worth blow drying or styling is any way cuz it never looks good. Now people ask me what happened to my hair and the random compliments of how healthy and long my hair is has stopped. It will take about 3 years to grow back. She must have used a dull razor and dragged the blade because shortly after my cut my hair started to fall off in about 1-3in pieces on the ends. Pieces of hair had nicks in them 3in up the strange were you could see a clear cut in the strand but it was still attached. My hairdresser shredded my hair intentionally out of jealousy. I am modified and feel like I have to drive to NY and pay at least $500 for a celebrity stylist to cut my hair but even that is not guaranteed. I dont trust any hairdresser anymore I made the complaint to them and the Salon owner was rude and u professional and demanded me to leave or she would call the cops. It was insanity! Please save yourself from fried damage hair and do not get a razor cut.

  21. Carol Says:

    I luv to have a razor cut! Im a stylist, but not many people ca do a razor cut properly!


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