Keratin, what have you been waiting for?

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I’ve been meaning to write about Keratin for a while now. I’ve gotten several questions about it so it’s really about dang time I discuss it on the blog! If you don’t know what it is, Keratin (or Brazilian Blow Out) is a protein treatment that smooths and fills the cuticle of your hair, dramatically reducing frizz. It is applied to clean, dry hair and then sealed in with a very hot (450 degrees F) flat iron.

Here are some pros:
~Blow drying your hair will be half the job for you
~Blow dries will last days longer
~Blow drying your hair will be half the job for me! (but not half the money, too bad, hehehe)
~Hair will look shinier, healthier and smoothier
~It’s not a chemical process, so it isn’t damaging (aside from the 450 degree flat ironing)
~You might get yourself a boyfriend/husband in like one minute

Here are some cons:
~It’s expensive, my salon starts at $300 and goes higher depending on length and thickness
~You have to use specific sulfate free shampoos
~Some people have said it relaxes parts of their hair unevenly after the second or third time getting the treatment
~You can’t shampoo, tuck your hair behind your ears, use a headband/pony or sweat for three days after getting the treatment, which is inconvenient

Good to know:
~It is not a Relaxer/straightener. It will soften your wave/curls, but don’t expect pin straight hair a la Japanese straightener.
~It last 4-6 months.
~It takes 2+ hours for the treatment.
~Like I said, you can’t shampoo your hair for 3 days, or use a pony or anything that might kink it.
~Some brands are still using formaldehyde in the product, so be sure to google the specific brand before getting it. Most have cut out the formaldy, but just make sure.
~Keratin is best for people with wavy to curly or frizzy hair who straighten or blow dry it. It is really a miracle treatment for this type of person, and it is definitely the newest hair craze. For good reason.
~I don’t get Keratin on my own hair, because I like frizz and also it softens wave, which I don’t want since I wear my hair wavy every day.

If you are the right person for it, it is a really amazing treatment, and very worth the money. I have seen Keratin change people’s lives. I have a regular client with afro-hair who gets keratin and every time she comes in for a blow out, I feel like it is one of those times in your life when you have done something so miraculous in just 45 minutes that you accidentally kurtsy afterwords and everyone whispers about it later. And also since she started getting the Keratin, I no longer feel like I have just spent 2 hours at the gym when I’m done with her. So that’s always nice.

I definitely recommend the Keratin treatment.

13 Responses to “Keratin, what have you been waiting for?”

  1. Paige Says:

    i think you just changed my little sisters life! Curly hair hater since 1988.

  2. Gina Says:

    I have naturally curly hair in the hot, humid, frizzy south. I had the Keratin treatment done in June. I loved it and will do it again–but probably not until next summer. I wish my hair would look like yours does and I’d probably let the natural curl go. Unfortunately it doesn’t and it takes as much work to turn the frizz into curls as it does to blow it out.

    But in regards to your pros and cons…… I only paid a little over $200 with tip. The salons here charge per ounce you use and I have long-ish (3″-4″ past my shoulders) fairly thick hair. She told me the treatment only lasts about 8 weeks and I found that to be about right. It’s pretty much gone now. L’Oreal makes a sulfate-free shampoo now, so you don’t have to buy a really expensive, salon brand for that purpose, it’s available anywhere.

    I didn’t have to use my flat iron all summer though!! Drying it was very easy & quick and the best part was I could sit out in the thick, awful humidity and my hair did NOT frizz one bit!

    My one concern was whether I would be able to curl my hair at all. She told me I would, and even showed me on her own keratin treated hair. But my hair would not hold the curl–it was like a person with stick straight hair. So even for a special occasion (like my bro’s wedding) my hair was kind of straight & blah. The 3 day no washing thing did suck too but I had it done on Thursday so my “icky” hair days were over the weekend. And it did get very straight and somewhat greasy looking considering I have dry, ,dry hair and always go at least 1 day in between washings.

  3. Heather Says:

    Will hair typically hold curl/wave (with a curling iron) after this treatment? I am really excited about this and I can’t believe I didn’t know about it sooner! Thanks for all the great info! :)

  4. Andrea Says:

    I can buy this at the supply store myself since I’m so cool with my unused esthetician’s license. Would it be totally the worst idea ever to do it myself, am I even capable?

  5. michelle Says:

    I have considered doing this but have heard very mixed reviews – I’m so glad to hear your opinion on it. I just might do it…..

  6. Lindsay Says:

    I have medium length wavy hair that definitely is not wash and go – I have to use product and a diffuser to make it cute curly or round brush it. I got a keratin treatment about a year ago and didn’t think it was neat at all. I still had to round brush it every day and the frizz was reduced but not eliminated. I have oily hair so the 3 days of not washing were horrible. Overall it was a waste of money for me but I can see how it would be helpful if you have VERY frizzy hair.

  7. e Says:

    Dreamy. I want this! Question: I have natural med curly hair that is mostly fuzzy by the end of the day (not cute like yours!) So I end up straightening it. Brushes, iron you name it. Oh and to make it worse I foil my hair (I refuse to let the grey shine through) So… can this be done on slightly damaged hair? The heat of the iron makes we wonder.

    Thanks!!!!! And I would kurtsy if I were you ;)

  8. Taylor Says:

    My mom’s bff got the Brazilian Blowout and it caused her to have really bad eye problems. I guess the stuff got in there?? Have you heard of this with other people?

  9. Fred Savage Says:

    Hi, I’ve been doing hair for almost 30 years. I’ve also traveled extensively
    Here and abroad learning and teaching. In my career I’ve seen a lot of changes
    And innovations,but nothing as ground breaking as the BKTS. I was lucky
    enough to start doing the BKTs early on,about 6 years ago ,before it was being 
    Distributed here in Florida. Since then I’ve done hundreds of them,people in the early
    Days people would come from as far as Paris and Dubois to get their BKTs.
                I’ve met with the reps from OSHA personally,and they assured me at the 
    Legal strength there would be no health issues for my clients or myself.They also
    Tested the air quality in the salon,which was really wild ,they kind of looked like
    The ghost busters!  I was also interviewed by Allure mag. About the BKT, un-
    Fortunately they chose to print a story coming from someone using bootleg
    Product, I guess negative B.S. Sells mags… Whatever,
               I guess the good thing that came out of the bad press, was the advent
    Of the non-formaldehyde version ,that my clients love by the way, and no worries
    About getting your hair wet after you leave the salon.
                              Well good luck, find a licensed pro. And enjoy your NEW hair!

  10. Yesi Says:

    I just had my BB done last far, I love it!!!

  11. Margaret Says:

    First off, your blog is amazing! I had a question for you, if you don’t mind answering! I have had 2 perms in the past two years. I also have a pretty bad habit of dying my hair too often. My hair is pretty tough–it can handle a lot. Recently though, it has not been feeling well at all! I am desperate to get it smooth and silky. Would a keratin treatment be good for someone like myself? Thank you!

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    These products will ensure the longevity of your treatment.

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    If you are the right person for it, it is a really amazing treatment, and very worth the money.


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