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Posted in Tutorial on August 23rd, 2010 by Reagan

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Im so excited about this tutorial. The video is a little long, but with it being a more complicated (but totally do-able) style, I felt like I needed to do more visual. If you have time, pinning all of the curls to set will really give it a lot of extra hold. Also, spraying a light hold hairspray (and letting it dry) before you comb it out will also help this style hold longer. Use Vinyl glam on your ends to make it all nice and shiny-beautiful. I meant to demonstrate pin curls during the video, but I forgot! Ill do those soon, because those are a great finishing touch to your retro styles. Please put any questions in the comment box.

That concludes the list of things I forgot to say/do in the video! And PS, dont laugh at the headless hairstylist! haha, fine you can..

Thanks to Jake for making the video, and Kat for modeling for me! Also, anyone notice my mention of the Mason Pearson brush? This video was done a whole month ago! Great timing on the question, Amanda!

18 Responses to Tutorial: 50s hair

  1. Maggie Says:

    I adore these tutorials, which are so well done! And I especially like them because Kat and I have the same hair texture (fine, soft, lots of it). This hairstyle is my favorite ever and Im absolutely inspired to try it on myself. Woooo!

  2. tammy Says:

    So, how do you decide what to just wrap around the iron and when to use the clamp. Just curious, I guess because I have never done the wrap around before. I am excited to try thismaybe tomorrow. Hopefully it will work on 3 day old dirty hair! I just hate washing it.

  3. tammy Says:

    Oh, and did you use any other styling products besides dry shampoo?

  4. Manda Says:

    I love love love this tutorial. I have really super freaky curly hair, but i like these 50-style curls so much better. If I wanted to try this on my hair, would you recommend straightening the natural curls first or would you just jump right in?

    P.S. I would love you forever and ever if you do a tutorial on styling naturally curly hair.

  5. Reagan Says:

    Sorry about the inconsistency with wrapping the curls. When i do this on myself, I pretty much only wrap, but kats hair is a little finer and straighter than mine and a lot of spots just held curl better being curled with the clamp.

    Manda, I would recommend straightening first. It doenst have to be perfect, but at least pretty straight on the roots.

  6. Reagan Says:

    And I didnt use anything because I was on vacation and didnt have much with me. I would use some hairspray at the end and a finishing gloss to make it shiny.

  7. bridget Says:

    YES! love this one. but am pissed that i have short hair. one day, one day

  8. MelanieBaker Says:

    HOORAY! :) I am so excited you did a tutorial on this. I always see your hair styled like this and Ive wanted to learn how to do it. Could Kat be more beautiful?

  9. Camille Says:

    SO adorable, and you make it look totally doable! Thanks for sharing. Now Im bummed that I cut my hair to chin-length

  10. Carrie Says:

    Love this style! I so want to try it, but not sure if my hair is long enough to pull it off. It is long enough to do the flat iron curls though, so maybe this will work too! Any tips for us girls with super thick hairthat is my biggest turnoff on doing styles like this because it takes FOREVER and my arm gets sooo tired. Wish I lived in NY so I could just steal you for my own personal stylist, but since I dont Ill just have to make do on my own :)

  11. Reagan Says:

    Carrie, I do this on my short hair! Its good for every length!

    Sorry your hair is thick and perfect (sarcastic), I dont really feel bad for you that your arm hurts haha. But seriously, there arent really any tricks for that.

  12. Susan Says:

    I have been wanting to create 50s style hair on my daughters for pictures so I cant wait to try this on my younger one who has long hair. I am anxious to see the pin curls tutorial because I have been dying to figure out how to do it!!

  13. kassaki Blades Says:

    I am thoroughly convinced with these tutorials.Thanks for sharing. I’m absolutely inspired to try it on myself.

  14. Santa Monica Says:

    Really helpful ! Thanks for the video. Adorable! thanks for your help!

  15. michelle Says:

    it seems like you are holding the iron on her hair for a long time. I only have to hold mine for a few seconds does that mean that I have my heat turned up too high?

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  18. riva Says:

    I am so stoked my sister found your blog.I just went back to work as a master stylist at a high end salon in cali, and I have watched all your videos! I colored my sisters hair with the ombre technique.turned out perfect! already tried your messy bun on myself and it looked great. I feel like you have brought me up to date on things and I am soooo grateful for you! keep up the great work and continure to inspire! sincerely, Riva


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