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Posted in Answers on August 15th, 2010 by Reagan

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Q by Amanda: First, Im looking for a new, great hairbrush. Do you have any recommendations? I have wavy hair that I straighten, if that makes a difference. Also, what brand of dry shampoo do you recommend? (Sorry if you already answered this- I couldnt find it) Thanks!! ~(hdof says use batiste dry shampoo!)~

**A by Reagan: Im pretty surprised this is our first question about brushes! Hooray! So, the first brush that comes to any hairstylists mind is (Cue angels singing)

The Glorious Mason Pearson

This hair brush is the Rolls Royce of Hair brushes. Im not really sure what else I need to say about it. If you have ever held one in your hand, you knowyou just know the difference between its magnificence and other ordinary hair brushes. Please buy this hair brush. A regular sized one (there is also extra large and pocket size) will cost you almost 150$. Ask for it for mothers day/christmas/birthday/halloween/or just I want it and what are you going to do about it day.  Here is an oath.

I, Hairdresser on Fire Breinholt, do solemnly swear that this hair brush kicks total ___, and your hair might explode in a good way when it finds out you bought it. Rave. Rave. Rave. This is me raving.

And now, let me present you with your knock-off

The Denman

Ive never used the Denmans knock off version of the MP, but I know Denman is a great brand, and 15$ is very inexpensive. Im just guessing that youd be able to tell the difference in quality right away if you held one of each in your hands, but again, Ive never used this brush. I have used several knock off MPs, and they have all been pretty good, but there is just no comparison to the real thing. Its like a chinatown bag and a real bag. It may look almost the same, but when you touch it, feel it, hug it, you just know youve got an impostor.

Every woman deserves to have a Mason Pearson Hair Brush. I think they should give me some presents for saying that.

**I responded right away and asked Amanda specifically what kind of brush she was looking for, she replied that she was looking for a flat brush. I assume pretty soon well do a few posts on some more types of brushes

6 Responses to Hair Answers: Best flat brush

  1. michelle Says:

    But really why do we even need to brush our hair? I mean, really. For us curly haired gals is there really a point?

  2. Reagan Says:

    I brush my hair (and my curly clients) after shampooing. This brush is the absolute best one for getting a pin straight blow dry too. But be so careful not to burn/melt it, oh man. be so careful.

  3. caroline Says:

    late to the party on this but do you recommend the all boar-bristle MP? i just got a nylon/boar mix it came in the mail today and its very scratchy (i have thin, fine, mostly straight hair). im kind of bumming on spending that much and not loving it, i dont know if itll be returnable!

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