Hair Answers: Shampoo and Condish

Posted in Answers on August 6th, 2010 by Reagan

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Q by Katie: My question of the day, is your SHAMPOO and deep conditioner preference at the moment? Been using hydrating pureology for years, need a switch up! Help!? I too am blond, gets dry from bleaching..

A by Reagan: Here are my favorites

I know you said youve been using this shampoo and conditioner forever, but for everyone else in the world, this stuff is awesome! And it makes your head tingle! (Katie, I totally understand getting sick of your shampoo and wanting to switch!)Sleek Look by Matrix is maybe tied with Pureology. It is GREAT for hydrating. It is a very rich conditioner without being too heavy. (Tresseme and Pantien come to mind as conditioners that cause mad-crazy build-up)
This stuff smells amazing! It lasts me a long time because such a small amount detangles my whole head of hair!I like Aussie if you are going for the less expensive, pharmacy brands. Aussie is very inexpensive, but pretty good.

For deep conditioning, there is nothing else that holds a candle to Kerastase. Kerastase is the highest end of LOreal products. In my salon, we use the Proffessionel (mid-level) and I love it! LOreal products are all for color treated hair, so they are very gentle. Kerastase is very expensive, but if your hair is dying, its probably worth it!

8 Responses to Hair Answers: Shampoo and Condish

  1. R Says:

    I left this question a couple posts back-
    how do you go without shampooing when you work out? My hair gets drenched in sweat. Since you are a runner, how do you do it?

  2. e Says:

    Thank you!! I also LOVE Kerastase, worth every penny. My question is: what leave in conditioner do you suggest. (i have bad 80s perm natural curls, so I straighten it, and of course highlight as well. Poor hair!

  3. eva Says:

    How do you feel about Aveda products, in general, and do you use any specific ones?e

  4. eb Says:

    How do you feel about Aveda products, in general, and do you use any specific ones?

  5. blandine Says:

    Hi Reagan,

    I am getting highlights today so I am glad I checked your older posts .-) I feel like the highlights really make my hair dry BUT I really like them so I am trying to make up with that. I have been wondering what is best : dry hair products (because my hair is dry) or colored-hair products (because it is also colored)?? Thanks!

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