Hair Answers: Washing Less Often (part two)

Posted in Answers on July 8th, 2010 by Reagan

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Q by Melissa: So Im totally with you on not washingsorryshampooing my hair every day, but I dont have awesome big wavy hair. I have very small straight hair, and frankly two days is really pushing it. On day two I pretty much have to ponytail or braid it because its too stringy to be decent. Is there any way to extend the time between shampoos if your hair is super straight and thin?

A by Reagan: As you know, with fine, small hair (btw I love you for calling it small) you cant get away with as much. The best thing for you is to get regular trims to avoid stringy ends. You want to avoid a hair cut with too many (if any) layers or face framing. Try out bangs to give you some style (see? Bang pusher!), and use products to trick the rest of the world of your fine hair. Volumizing mousses, root lift and really REALLY rinse out your conditioner.

Back to your real questionuse a dry shampoo if your hair gets oily on the top. Once I worked on a runway show where I learned that dry shampoo is actually a great volumizing technique. We sprayed it in already clean hair to give it extra grip. If you havent noticed, I love dry shampoo with every bone that Ive ever heard of.

Since your hair gets stringy, My best suggestion would be to play with the ponies and braids that you do. Do something interesting so that you arent feeling like you didnt do your hair that day. Isnt the picture above gorgeous? Do something like that Melissa! What are you waiting for? Sorry if Im yelling. I just feel like I need to stick up for pony tails (or us girls with short hair who have Panda tails). I think pony tails, braids and buns can be a beautiful, sleek style and not just what happened because were rushing out the door. Also, I dont know if you have bangs but if you dont, you should get them. Bangs make a pony tail especially cute.

If you insist on wearing your hair down (which Im not judging you for if you do), just doing a quick once over with your blow dryer and round brush to freshen it up.

My number one recommendation to fineys is to get a regular trim.

8 Responses to Hair Answers: Washing Less Often (part two)

  1. Megan Says:

    Ok, now that youve posted that picture, HOW do you make a ponytail look like that??! Any time I try to pouf my hair, I can get it ratted up really big, but by the time I get it into the ponytail holder, all the volume is gone and it just looks like a regular ponytail. Suggestions?

  2. melissa Says:

    sweet! thanks for answering my question. i really dont mind doing my hair up every couple of days, but i thought maybe there was some kind of hair stylist miracle that would make my hair look nice down when it was dirty! ah well. im also pretty intrigued with this dry shampoo idea, because my hair is pretty slippery for braids most of the time. so thanks!

  3. Martha Says:

    HDOF. Im a little in love/obsessed with you and your blog. Keep it coming!

  4. Cindy Says:

    Awesome, awesome advice! I have small hair too and its quite a challenge. :-(

  5. Praveen Says:

    I also wash my hair less frequently than most. On the 3rd or 4th day I tie my ends in a pony and just shampoo the front/crown of my hair in the bathroom sink. That way I try to avoid further damage to the ends but the top of my hair isnt oily. And I heart dry shampoo!

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  7. Susan Says:

    Ive been growing my hair for Locks of love and decided I needed hair advice because instead of caring for it, i ussually cut it off but this is for someone else! So I got the book good to great hair by robert vetica He does hair for stars, but any way She is right on He suggests rinsing hair in between washes, it does take time but my hair has improved!

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