Hair Answers: Protecting from damage

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Q by Tarryn: Im wondering what I should be putting on my hair (especially for protection) before I straighten it with a flat iron. What do you recommend? Right now Im using Argan oil and a leave-in conditioner although I often put the oil in after my hair is straight. Thoughts? Thanks!
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A by Reagan: As far as post-shampoo products, I think youre doing great Tarryn! Pat yourself on the hiney for me for doing a good job! Or back

Leave in conditioner and any kind of oil are a great way to add moisture to hair you are doing mechanical damage on. Especially a flat iron. The only other product I would recommend is a deep conditioning treatment once every few weeks or more, depending on the shape your hair is in. You can buy a deep conditioner at any salon, or even just go in early to your next apt for the treatment. They are usually meant to be left on for about 15-20 minutes.

Im glad you used the word protect instead of repair, because the only way to repair damage, is to cut it off! Its a shame, because so many products claim to repair broken or split ends. That is why a good conditioner, leave in, and moisturizing products make such a difference. They often have proteins in them that can strengthen the hair to prevent damage.

Another great question!

Yes, my shirt is from Urban Outfitters :)

BTW this picture of Giselle doesnt have much to do with anything, except for that she has amazing hair.

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    They often have proteins in them that can strengthen the hair to prevent damage.


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