Hair Answers: Growing out bangs (fringe)

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Q by Andea: Is there a limit on the number of questions I can ask you :)
I cut bangs and I dont like them.  They are cut in a triangle shape (thats the best way I can describe it, since you do hair you probably know what I mean) and they are getting too long to really wear as bangs anymore.  When I dont have bangs I like to part my hair really far over on the side, but now when I do that I get long hairs mixed in with my non bangs and it looks weird.  Is there some way I can tell my stylist to cut it where it wont look weird while it grows out?

A by Reagan: This is actually a question that a lot of people can relate to. I call myself a Bang Pusher because when my clients are getting tired of their hair, I often recommend bangs. Bangs really change your look, but they grow out pretty quickly and can be styled a lot of different ways at each length/stage. I am always prepared for the chance that they might not like them since it is such a big change, so here are some ways to help grow them out!

Ask your stylist to part the bangs in a half circle instead of a triangle. I often cut bangs in a triangle-ish half circle combo myself, because I know how fickle I am with my own parting throughout my day to day styling. The half circle will help it with the blending into the rest of your hair.

Start the framing or angling higher up. Tell your stylist to start the framing (if there is any)  closer to where your bangs end so there wont be so much of a disconnectmaking your long bangs look intentional instead of screaming Im growing out my bangs!!.

Lots of texture in those bangs. Make the ends nice and soft. Blunt looks weird when growing out.

Have your stylist cut your bangs dry. It is a much more accurate length since wet will shrink up so much after dried. I am a dry bang cutter. And proud to say so.

Last but not least, try parting your hair in a diagonal, instead of a perfect line so that it starts with a heavy part, but ends up being a center part the further back it goes.

*there is no limit to how many questions you can ask. wink.

ps I hope this answer is easy to understand. I was visualizing a lot of stuff in my head and just writing it down as fast as possible. Like I couldnt write fast enough for all the ideas. You know that feeling?

Also, bang blow drying is going in my tutorialize basket. you guys are in for it

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  1. Jan Says:

    I recently had a baby and enjoyed the super thick hair that came with pregnancy. However, about 6 months after she was bornit all fell out! So now I have the same old hair Ive always had but tons of regrowth about 3 inches long. No matter how I style it, the new hair sticks straight up, literally, and I have a halo around my entire head. I am so tired of matting my hair with hairspray and goo. What do I do??

  2. Jen Says:

    Hello hair lovers!

    I just wanted to share with the group that I just got bangs for the first time since 4th grade from Reagan last week and it was amazing. I feel great, they look great, I love hair in my face, and this is the best ever. This really is the best hair cut Ive ever gotten. (sorry mom). I was afraid that I wouldnt be able to maintain them because I am a hair mo-mo but I am shocked* at how awesome this cut is to maintain, even for special people like me. (But Im still looking forward to a bang tutorial). So, thanks Reagan, and listen up people, shes the hair guru youve always wanted to be, but arent.

    *shocked not because I questioned Reagan, but because normally I can barely blow dry my own hair, let alone style it.

  3. Andrea Says:

    thank you! Im seriously considering printing your answer and bringing it when I go get my hair cut, I just need to find a different stylist and that is hard!

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  5. shitface Says:

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    #split ends and greasy hair all the way wooo!!!!!


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