Celebrity(ish) hair: a bachelorettes bad extensions

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forgive me for the not so nice post I am about to write

I dont understand it. The first thing it seems you do to prepare for being the new bachelorette is to get some really bad extensions. Now, I dont watch the Bachelor/ette, but the show is unavoidable with its commercials, media coveriage and the fact that my favorite show is the soup. It seems like everywhere I turn, Allis yellow-y, straw-like extensions are staring me down. In Allis defense, it was probably the shows idea as part of the dolling up phase, and they were probably provided for her. They also probably had all the budget in the world to spend on them, so why so straw-like? Why such poor blending?

And I know this image has nothing to do with the rest of the post. I even think this is when she still had her real hairI just cant handle the styling of this picture. Why is she wearing dirty Chuck Taylors? Why is she wearing such an ill-fitting wedding dress? Why is there a velvet-y curtain behind her? I saw this photo in several magazines promoting the show. I dont get it.

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8 Responses to Celebrity(ish) hair: a bachelorettes bad extensions

  1. kati Says:

    omg, i was thinking the same thing. i think no extensions should be the new extensions. ps love your blogs, pip is a doll!

  2. michelle Says:

    I KNOW! Im not even a hair person and I noticed her crappy extensions. I dont get it either.

  3. Brandi Says:

    Haha me and my friends have been dying over the same thing. And we though Viennas were bad!!!

  4. bridget Says:

    ive seen this ad so many times but never noticed the dirty chucks. come on abc/chris harrison- couldnt you have just taken a little damp paper towel to the front?

  5. Holley Says:

    thank you! this drives me nuts! as a fellow hairstylist i cant stand it. seriously, they can fly around the world, but cant get decent extensions!

  6. tabitha Says:

    i just stumbled on your site from another sitefrom another siteyay for random linking! um..anywaysi am LOL @ this post and the dirty shoe/wedding dress image. Like real LOL, not just typing it to fill space at the end of a sentence LOL-ing. And this has been a pretty snarly kind of day so.thanks. Carry on.

  7. Georgia Says:

    Ahahaha why IS there a velvety curtain?

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