Hair Answers: Shampoo-ing less often

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Q by Julie: I have medium long, super thick, curly in the back, straighter in the front hair.  I hate washing it.  The first day I wash my hair looks pretty good, just letting it air dry.  The second, not too good.  The third, Im pushing it.  Do you have any suggestions (besides washing it again) for maintaining a good style with curly hair the day after washing?  Also, what do you mean use a flat iron for wave?????  That blew my mind!

A by Reagan: I have a tutorial in the works for the flat iron waves. I have had so many questions about it. You guys are going to go completely ape when you see it. Seriously, youll go pretty ape.

Your question is one that I love. I am constantly trying to convince my clients that washing your hair less isnt gross, dirty or bad hygiene. Nothing, not any conditioner, is better for your hair than its own natural oils. So, great job on wanting to wash it less. Since Im such a fan of the multiple day style, you can bet I rocked a sometimes 5 day look with my long hair (sometimes even more with my short, that might be sort of gross.). What works best for me, and many people that I have recommended this to, is to simply spray your hair with just water the next day. If my hair has gotten a little weird in some spotsstraight, flat, etc, Ill spray a little  water with a spray bottle, apply some more product and scrunch like I usually would. Im talking a few sprays for each section. Your hair will be a little damp, not any where near sopping.Want to know a secret? My wavy huge hair and I have been using this.

In fact, weve been using this like crazy. One time, my friend Kim told me she used this and that I should try it. I was like nu uh, sister. I am a professional and a snob. I will not use Garnier. But this stuff is awesome for us wavy, beachy b****es. Point of this is that I will spray some plain water (how many times am I going to share that step?) then I will scrunch, then I will spray this all over and scrunch again. Your hair will become the opposite of what it is now. Meaning, it is going to progressively get better, prettier and awesomer each day. Instead of suckier. (PS you dont have to use this garnier stuff. You can use whatever product you like to begin with. This has been something I have especially loved since my hair has gotten bigger)

Last but not leastironically I am just getting to this at the bottom of the post when the image is at the top. Dry shampoo will prevent your hair from looking and smelling oily/dirty. I have used such brands as Pssssst, Oscar Blandi and my personal favorite, Batiste. I feel like dry shampoo is still a secret to most women. It is probably my favorite beauty product ever. In fact, if I ever went on survivor, Id bring dry shampoo as my luxury item. Then i would talk to it like it was my own little Wilson.

Thanks for the great question Julie! I hope this helps!

11 Responses to Hair Answers: Shampoo-ing less often

  1. Rae Says:

    Okay, when I get back from California and come get a cut from you, can we please have a lesson in hot sexy beachy (semi) frizzy curl? My hair used to be so much more curly, but now since its short it struggles. I need some help sista!

  2. michelle Says:

    I am totally going to Target today to get some of that Garnier stuff. I typically wash my hair every 3 days. Ive never used dry shampoo.what do you do, just spray it in like hairspray? Is that a dumb question?

  3. Kat Says:

    I got a dry shampoo aerosol once (it was called Rockstar?) and it clogged on day two *exaggeration*. I was so mad bc I paid $20 for it and knew there was so much left in there that wouldnt come out. Does this Batiste do a better job? Because I love dry shampoo, but I dont want to get ripped off again. Maybe you know brands that arent aerosol but just powder that I could use-just to be safe?

  4. Tammy Says:

    my hair is really healthy then because I hate washing it and I avoid it whenever possible. Like today my hair is pulled back in a ratted, frizzy bun. I am so hip and in, phew.

  5. Liz Says:

    Thanks for the pointers. I wash my hair every 4-5 days but it gets gross. I cant wait to try dry shampoo and the Garnier product.

  6. gina Says:

    Hey you know if you can get the garnier product in Canada?? I have looked for it and can only find a wave enhancing gel :(

  7. Anne-Marie Says:

    How do you use the dry shampoo on wavy hair? Dont you have to brush it through after if dries? Thatll poof my hair right up! Im enjoying your blog! :)

  8. MelanieBaker Says:

    By the way Reag, I LOVE that you dont think hair has to be shampooed every single day. Or even every other day. We are doing the chapter on shampoos and conditioners right now, and almost every day, someone mentions how disgusting it is when hair isnt shampooed every day. I totally agree with you, and it makes me feel better that I have more than my instructors to learn from. I LOVE your blog. Thanks for making it :)

  9. eb Says:

    I love the wonder waves, I use it as well as bb surf spray, but am finding myself using the wonder waves a lot more, the curls are softer and more managable and its way less expensive, which is a plus. My hair is wavy/curly if I dont brush it after showering and scrunch lightly and spray wonder waves/surf spray. If I brush/blow dry then its straigh-ish, though I always curl a little with a curling iron

  10. marta Says:

    I love Batista dry shampoo! I have been using it for years :)

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