Celebrity hair: Michelle Williams

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Ive seen this picture floating around different magazines and websites for about the last week and a half. Michelle Williams has the gift of good hair. And good face. And good body. And good style. And good talent too. I love her. But really, isnt this image just beautiful? Are they really dating? Should I know that already? Because a few weeks ago I saw Ryan Gosling at starbucks and he totally didnt tell me they were together. Fine, I didnt talk to him, but still.

This is my all time favorite red carpet look. The dress, the COLOR of the dress, the makeup the up do, the hair color. But again, that hair! Such a beautiful, romantic, soft, sweet, youthful look.

Above img

Again, rocking every length perfectly.


When i grow up i want to be michelle williams and alexa chung at the same time.

11 Responses to Celebrity hair: Michelle Williams

  1. Rae Says:

    She is totally gorg. And how young does she look in that photo with the jean skirt? Sheesh. PS Im obsessed with that red carpet look too. She was incredable.

  2. Brianna Says:

    okay i just found your blog through cjane enjoy it and i think i might want to be your best friend first off just perusing a bit i have already found answers on many of the hair questions i have been dying to find answers on so thanks for that

    And now i stumble upon this post on michelle williams ( my total girl crush) where you pulled the words straight out of my mouth! (and that picture from the academy awards in the yellow dress.. i die.. also used as my wedding hair inspiration)

    you go girl.

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