There are worse things than frizz

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Ok, lets talk about frizz in a different way. I have to tell you, every single question I have gotten has been about how to tame frizz. I never knew people hated frizz so much! I am not sure exactly why, but frizz has never really bothered me much. I guess it just comes with me so often wearing my hair naturally, and frizz is natural. I just took this picture with my phone about 9 seconds ago. There are equal parts hugeness, frizz and wave. Im used to it, and in fact, I like it. This picture doesnt really even show very well how much frizz is there.

If you are still like I hate frizz more than ever and I am not cool enough to change your mind..feast your eyes on these babies.

Betsey Johnson Fall 2010

Bottega Veneta fall 2010

Christian Dior Fall 2010

Frizz is all over the runway these days. Softer, less structured styles are becoming more and more desirable, and I think its beautiful.

Image found on Olsens anonymous

Still not convinced? Let an Olsen do the talking. (Do you love them like me?)

Last but not least, a piece of my own work. Photo taken by Jake.

Please keep in mind, a smooth and blown out look is supposed to be smooth and blown out. There is a time and a place for frizz, guys.

Runway photos from

7 Responses to There are worse things than frizz

  1. Andrea Says:

    I wouldnt mind your amount of frizz, but my frizz is so much that I have zero definition in my curls, if there was frizz AND definition then Id be ok with it, but mostly its only frizz.

  2. Miggy Says:

    Oh man.Im really wishing you were here to teach me some more about my hair. The ladies in NYC should have a hair night where you teach them cool tricks and techniques to do with their hairI still curl my hair the way you taught me on a regular basis. Now regarding this post {and the one before it} Im going to have to try and go back and work my natural waves and see what I can do. pregnancy changed my hair

  3. Tammy Says:

    I love what you did in the last picture. How did you do it. Is there some back combing?

  4. Rae Says:

    Well your frizz/hugeness/curl just looks bomb!! I need a lesson please. For real. Ive been doing my do curly a lot more lately. I didnt think Id be able to pull it off since its short but Ive been told several times (by men, typical, they love the curly hair) that it looks better curly than straight. I like it too, but would like more volume.

  5. deb Says:

    Yay for frizz? I love this idea and maybe some day Ill be brave enough to embrace it. Whenever I brush out my curls the hair gets pretty massive, mind you Jared tells me I should go out like that. But then I feel like I would need an amazing outfit to go with the fro, and it stops there.

    PS I love Miggys idea about a hair night. Lets do it and get Miggs to come!

  6. Whitney Says:

    I gave up straightening out my waves a long time ago once I was in college and decided to embrace my naturally wavy/frizzy, lions mane-ish hair glad to see these pictures! I love your hair short, by the waymakes me want to cut mine!

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