Ombre Hair

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I love that this is called Ombre Hair (first it was called Bayalage). I have been trying to get this look for over a century and I am finally accepting that I really need to have highlights in the very front section so that I don’t look washed out. I keep the ombre in the back though, just to hold tight to my dreams of having hair like these ladies above. I think these are two of my favorite ombre pictures ever. This technique of coloring has to be my favorite of all time. Isn’t it gorgeous? I wish it worked better on lighter blonds like myself!

Celebrities who do this look well: Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Bilson, GiselleĀ  and Nicole Richie.

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  1. Kat Says:

    I love it too. For the most part I don’t love blond highlights on brunettes because of how fake and stripey it can look, but I think this is really classy way to add a pop of color, a little sunkissed action, without looking totally zebra-d. P.S. I want to be the girl in the second picture. How gorgeous is she?

  2. Andrea Says:

    I love this hair too but being a light blonde too I can’t really do it. I thought it was called i let my roots grow out hair :)

  3. Whitney Says:

    I am so glad to know what this is called! I had been looking this look for awhile and I have since been growing out my highlights for almost two full years now.
    PS. I just happened upon your Blob and I love it and your beautiful family…

  4. jackie Says:

    Oh my goodness! just found your blog through cjane and i just had to tell you how great it is. i love the second haircolor sooooo much. i just asked my hairdresser sister how to do that and she said she had no idea how to acheive that looks. any tips or ideas?

  5. Chelsea Says:

    Thanks so much for the tutorial! The first time I went into my stylist she had no idea what i was talking about or how to get the look.. So I went and did my research and told her about the technique you used. I now LOVE my ombre hair.

  6. Candice B Says:

    lovely! What was your formula? Could you maybe add different formulations or differing developers to intensify the ends? I just love it! Thanks for the tutorial!

  7. Laura Austin Says:

    I absolutely love this look and have just achieved it myself…my hair was abit like this but not dramatic enough all the colours had kind of mixed so i dyed my brown n blondey hair all dark brown to get a good base, so basically back to my natural colour! then i took some bleach n literally grabbed the ends of my hair n soaked them…waitin about 10 mins u then spread the colour upwards on the hair meaning this area will be slightly darker n then u really mess up ur hair by almost backcoming the tops with ur hands with a little bleach on it…the final look is odd strands of light blending to carmel blending to blonde. the application is key to making the look fade n not dip dyed!!

    Laura :)

  8. Allison Says:

    This was such a great tutorial. I’ve been a hairstylist for two years and am just now getting into the ombre. My hair is ombre similiar to Rachel Bilson’s…Now the one question/problem I’ve been wondering about it is…When lifting the ends of…say a level 3-4 and it’s hard to get a even lift do you do a double process?i like how it goes dark,medium,to blonde on tips of hair? but some people’s hair doesn’t lift to pretty all over and i don’t want to put to dark of a toner on the ends & them want it lighter? does this make sense or am i rambling on? if you could give me any tips that’d be awesome! thanks again for the video:) you are fabulous!

  9. Ashley F. Says:

    When lifting the ends, you’re most likely going to use bleach no matter what level they start at. If the ends aren’t the desired result, whatever toner you choose shouldn’t effect the rest of the hair since it will be darker. If they are a level 4 and wish to have level 10 at the ends, simply explain to them that the integrity of the hair would be compromised if you were to attempt it in one visit. Hopefully, they respect their hair and your opinion enough to go with a slightly deeper blonde. Good luck! This has been all the rage in my salon, it’s a beautiful technique!

  10. Bella Says:

    I love love love this look! Hip young and surfer fresh! I am not a stylist but I do get my hair done this way. I am a medium to dark brunette, depending on what I’ve done to my hair that year.. When I asked my stylist to do this she said it would take several steps to get it to the desired lightness with minimal damage, and because I like my hair to be more luxurious and less achy-breaky, I listened to her. Any stylist I’ve ever been to has been honest in letting me know if the style color etc would look good on me or If it were doable. What stylist would want their name on something that didn’t look good, right? Or, maybe I’ve just been lucky.

  11. Coco Says:

    Really loved your tutorial!! It was awesome!! I am a stylist as well and do it a different way but I am definitely going to try this because it looks amazing. In fact I think I might go do it to my hair right now :) Thanks for all of your info, your blog is GREAT!!

  12. Praveen Says:

    Love ombre hair!! I have long, thick, dark brown/black hair, and I really want to do this look with a subtle chestnut/brown. I donate my hair every couple of years to lock for love, and they have a no bleach rule. Is there any way to achieve this look on my dark hair without using bleach?

  13. Becky Says:

    Cool tutorial!

    In addition to the reverse ombre styles you listed that worked, I found this lovely photograph on google images:

    I think it looks fantastic. I am a natural blonde, and as such it would be very difficult for me to do a “true” ombre look unless I was going from the natural blonde (like the top in the picture) to a platinum, which just doesn’t sound appealing, without having to color the roots darker brown all the time when they grew in. That just sounds like a pain. That’s why I’m considering trying a reverse ombre (probably not using as dark a color as in the photo, but similar).

  14. Claudia Says:

    Thank you for your tutorial my mom is a hair dresser and will do my hair tonight. I’ve been explaining to her and looking for pictures and im so glad i found your tutorial. Will let u know how it turned out.


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